a nice way for re-entry

Well, i haven’t been writing much lately and I unfortunately haven’t been reading much either. My head’s been a little preoccupied with… well, with stuff.

So when my blog peep Little Miss French Horn tagged me I thought it was a nice way to get back into the blogging thing. So the meme info in quotes. Below are my answers. I don’t think mine are nearly as cool as Melon Girl… i mean c’mon. Arrested for running around nehked in a fountain.

FYI – you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random, facts, habits or goals about yourself. At the end, choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names & why you tagged them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment saying “You’re it!” & to go read your blog. You cannot tag the person that tagged you, so since you’re not allowed to tag me back; let me know when you are done so I can go read YOUR weird, random, facts, habits and goals.

Here are my responses.

  1. When I was four I burned my leg really bad with a pot of boiling pinto beans. I’ve got a scar from just above my knee up to near my groin.
  2. I think I mentioned this once before. Weird habit: I shave my chest and underarms. I can’t stand to have hair there. I started when i was in college and it stuck into this weird quirky thing i do.
  3. I once spent the night in a 1984 Camaro when it broke down on the way to Padre Island, Tx for Spring Break. It was easier on me (being 5’3″) than it was my roommate who was 6’4″
  4. Same Spring Break (when we got there the next day) I drew the short straw and took one for the team as my three friends got the good lookin girls and I…. well didn’t. But I got to pretend I was a surfing champion.
  5. I am not a surfing champion
  6. File this in the quirky column: I’m right handed but when i was in the military I found I couldn’t close my left eye so I had to learn to shoot my weapon left handed.
  7. A weird habit: When I drink out of a straw, i sip on it from the corner of my mouth instead of the center.
  8. I was the president of the band when I was in high school as well as president of my fraternity chapter in college. Yes, (head hanging in shame) i was a frat boy.
  9. I’ve run the Houston Marathon three times but never finished under the requisite time (5 hours 30 minutes) to be officially a finisher. The last time i ran it (in 2000) i missed it by 7 minutes.
  10. Lastly… a goal: (i almost don’t want to write this one for fear of putting the kaibosh on myself)… I hope to someday to sell one of my songs so it finds its way in film or television.

ok!…. tah dahh…. well, that was fun. Seems like I haven’t been tagged in a pretty long time. Well, my blog peep Johnny P tagged me about a month or two ago but that one was really hard and i didn’t finish it. Sooooo…. Johnny P, you’re on deck. Sorry I didn’t finish the one you sent me. DC (you’ve been gone for too long and this is a somewhat easy way to get back into the swing of things.); uuMomma (she’s so nice. I want to hear some weird stuff about her), Kinsi! (just because you need to get tagged); LB (i’m secretly crushing on LB and would like to hear some weird stuff about her. ok, I guess it’s not a secret anymore and I guess it’s not really crush as much as it is a “i really, really, really like stopping by her blog” kinda thing. : ); and my buddy Ombud (cuz i’m sure he’s got some weird stuff to disclose)

15 responses to “a nice way for re-entry

  1. Oh I like your goal! Send it to KCRW in Los Angeles… Morning Becomes Eclectic… that is what producers listen to.

    The straw thing is just weird!

  2. Awwww. I think you’re perty cute too – especially when you sip from your straw from the side of your mouth. 😉

    I promise I’ll get to this meme soon. I got tagged by Nice Melons for this one too.

  3. Thanks, Jules. I’ll make time … some day. Not now. Oh, and number one on my list will have to be that i’m not that nice. I just play a nice mom on TV.

  4. Oh no! A frat boy? OMG. Well, I was in a professional one – Sigma Alpha Iota – for music, so I can’t harp on you too much… especially since a lot of the “professional development and networking” involved beer chugging with our “brothers” at Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Heh.

    Bummer about the burn. Owie.

    Yeah, I tagged LB and OB for this too. Does this mean that they have to come up with 20 instead of 10? *duck*

  5. NM – You better duck, young lady. I don’t know if I’m even interesting enough to come up with 10, much less 20.

  6. Hey Jackie! yeah, my daughter thinks it’s just weird, too.
    uuMomma *grin* plays one on tv. that made me laugh.
    Hey LB and Melon Girl. play nice. I don’t want a girl fight to break out here at my place… well, unless of course, you know, you two are in your PJs and it’s like a tickle fight at a slumber party. 🙂

    Oh, by the way… i was in Phi Mu Alpha as well. Not very active though with those guys.

  7. I don’t wear PJs, but I can probably scare some up… with feet in ’em.

    I prolly shouldn’t have been as active with Phi Mu as I was… I killed way to many brain cells that way. 😛

  8. LB, you are a riot! I am sure you have plenty of interesting tidbits since your posts are the bomb-diggity.

  9. *giggles girlishly* Pillow fight!

  10. THWAP! *Feathers fly everywhere*

  11. What thuh!… Now wait just one minute young ladies! I turn my back for just a minute and…. OooFfff!!

    [Deist gets sucker punched by LB and sees a panty clad Melon Girl running away as he doubles over]

  12. Hey! That wasn’t me who hit you. I would never do that. I’m all spiritual and shit. I would never do anything like that. *batting her eyelashes ever so innocently*

  13. Who me? I’m spiritual too… but I have a mean right and left hook, especially with pillows involved. Neener neener neener!

    *moons Jules*

  14. Jules — thanks for the nod. My first disclosure must be that I meant to reply to this very same tag from little miss french horn, too, but got oddly derailed recently, which might be weird, and is a bit like deranged, except you get to keep enough tattered vestiges of sanity to recognize life’s flotsam bounce by your derailment. (To mix metaphors–but focused as i am to keep going am not going back to fix that, neither.) In short — I’m aiming to post this weekend.

    Btw, kudos to your ‘Stros. They are hanging in there, a third of the way through the season.

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