cyclists hit in South Texas, one dead

This is an unbelievable tragedy and something I fear as I get on my bike near my neighborhood in the evenings. A number of times I’ve had vehicles come dangerously close and for no reason other than to just be assholes.

The above picture however does not capture the moronic behavior of an ignorant redneck, cell phone using teen or just plain dumb ass.

No, it captures the act of a criminal… hopped up on drugs and drunk off his ass.

I’m afraid the Texan in me comes out when i see or hear of something like this and the UU in me gets placed to the rear.

My thoughts about what should happen to this person goes against what most UUs think about the value and worth of life. It goes against the Buddhist thought of not inflicting pain or suffering on sentient beings. It goes against my own thought of not harming others…

but this son of bitch should fry.

[Deist shakes his head and rubs his sore knee from yesterday’s 10-mile bike ride]


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