The Veepstakes bracket

This is kinda cool. The folks over at have placed a set of brackets lining up the top contenders for the VP position for the blue and red side of the aisles.

Check it out. Pretty informative and you get to make your own pics and see how other people choose who will win each bracket.

I think i like this better than March Madness.

2 responses to “The Veepstakes bracket

  1. Oddly enough, just yesterday, I e-mailed McCain, urging him to pick me as his running mate. So, now I am officially running for Vice-President.

  2. Maybe it’s a girl thing, but my ears glazed over as soon as they started making this race sound like a sporting championship. Hey, but whatever it takes to get people engaged in the political process is OK with me.

    By the way, I finally did my 10 random things thing. Check it out.

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