a hole in my sole

these have been good friends to me. I’ve walked (as you can see) quite a few miles in them.

I’ve been through the Texas Hill Country, the streets of downtown Chicago, southern California… a Dave Matthews concert or two, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, a few county fairs, dozens of first dates (not many second ones) : )

But the end of an era has come and i’ve finally come to grips with the realization that all good things come to an end.

And so i bid farewell to my trusty Justin Ropers

and say hello to my REINCARNATED Justin Ropers!

fwuhpawhhh! (that’s supposed to be a whip sound. You know like the one Chandler made on Friends)

I took them to a shoe doctor a little while back to get the soles fixed. The one thing I don’t like about the new and improved ropers is… well, how new and improved they look! I told the guy I didn’t want them polished. They’re apache leather and they’re supposed to look dull and worn. Any tips on how to strip that crap off my boots.

[Deist looks down at his boots and thinks to himself, “why can’t things just stay the same.”]


4 responses to “a hole in my sole

  1. Oh good, I’m glad you got them re-soled. I was thinking, “gosh, that would be a downright shame if he got rid of them nice boot just because they got a little hole in ’em”. And while they may look all shiney and new now, just see this as an opportunity to get them all broken in and dirty again. That’s half the fun of new shoes anyway. So, you get that fun without the new shoe cost.

  2. I think if you wear them somewhere dusty, all day long, the oil will absorb the dust and pretty soon they’ll be back to their former glory (er, um, non-glory).

    I love a well-worn boot, too. I should post pics of the several that I’ve worn out, including blowing out the toe. That can’t be fixed, btw.

  3. hey LB…. hmmm, new shoe cost….
    when the guy told me it ws goonna cost me 60 bucks to fix em I just about crapped myself but i figured this small independent business owner could use the bucks more than some discount boot factory.

    Hey Bones! i guess you and LB have the same idea of just getting out there and wearing them… throw a little dust on ’em. I think I might leave outside in my backyard one afternoon and see if the sun melts off that wax. Eh, who knows…

  4. lol, this is perfect… I was just watching the movie Dodgeball.

    “No one can resist when White Goodman puts on his shiny shoes.”

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