file this in the WTF file

so the kiddo and I are at church this weekend, right.

A bunch of the little ones are in the fellowship hall and chasing a few of the older ones.
I see one of the younger boys tickling Little Fawn and she runs up to me and says, “daddeeee… William is trying to tickle me.”

I giggle and laugh a little and say, “i don’t think he’s trying to tickle you, i think he’s trying to touch your boobs.”

She quickly admonishes me by saying, “Daddy! No he’s not… he’s only eight… a little boy.” then she adds, “Besides, even he was he wouldn’t know what to do with them.”

[Deist thinks to himself, “what the f*#@ just happened here]

One response to “file this in the WTF file

  1. okeydokey *laughing*

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