a mad lib poem by The Deist

My blog peep Melon Girl, found this from another blogger and posted her results. This is quasi meme-ish and so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I read her poem a couple of days ago but wanted to wait so I could get her example out of my head and attempt something as fresh as possible. You know… cuz it seemed like i already had the answers to the questions.

I’m quite pleased with my results. I had to tweak the conjugation of the original poem by Rainer Maria Rilke for my words to fit but besides that I changed nothing from my first attempt. Seeing how it turned out the only thing i would change is “dancing” to “screaming” to continue the opposites or balanced theme from the previous lines.

Pretty cool… thanks Little Miss French Horn.

I am circling around Love,

around Heaven,

and I have been circling for ages,

and I still don’t know

if I am a lion or the lamb,

or ominous or calm,

or singing or dancing.

stock photos by Dreamstime.com photographers Lullabi and Mikeexpert respectively


3 responses to “a mad lib poem by The Deist

  1. Awesome, jules. 🙂

  2. That’s really beautiful and the pictures go perfectly

  3. thanks guys.

    The pics are cool aren’t they Am. I use that website periodically on the rare occasion when I get a design job.

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