my little Olympian

I’ve always loved the Olympics. Ever since I can remember ever hearing about the games. I guess it’s more the spirit of the games.

I love the history and legend of the Olympic Games. I love the pomp and circumstance of the opening and I love the spirit of nationalism that pervades in a friendly (albeit very competitive) way. I love that these athletes get a chance to make history and personal bests in front large crowds and I love that crazy ass unknown sports like curling, synchronized swimming, badminton, the luge and fencing… that no one knows anything about… become wildly popular.

But it really sucks that it’s gotten so commercialized as with everything. (I expect to see Santa Claus deputies with corporate logos on their sleeves soon.) It sucks that they let professional athletes compete in the games instead of exclusively amateurs. And it sucks that politics and governmental policies surface from the dark parts of humanity to shadow beautiful human attributes like dedication, friendly competition, fair play, teamwork, selflessness and the like.


This post really is about by new friend.

So this little guy has been living near my front door for about two weeks or so. He’s really cool. I like the color and texture of his skin.

This particular evening he was sitting on the edge of a little window pane of my front door. As i went to get my camera I guess he got a little skiddish and he jumped about three feet to a nearby wall.

This is him after sticking the jump.

I’m guessing he’s about two inches long and if my calculations are right, if I could jump the equivalent of what he did I would be able to jump about 90 feet from sitting still.


Not only would i be an Olympic athlete but I would be a friggin super hero!

Isn’t my little buddy here cool! I actually don’t know if it’s a he or she… but he sits on my door so I’m calling him a he. I think I’ll name him Sue though.

I haven’t seen him in a couple of days but I’ve been wondering how his jumping prowess compares to his fellow tree frogs living at nearby houses. If I were to make a little flag to represent him in the tree frog games I thought it might look like this.

I also thought about licking his back to see what happens.

Whoa! That is probably a really bad idea.



5 responses to “my little Olympian

  1. Angela in Ohio

    I give him a 10.0 for technical merit, and a 9.5 for artistic impression 😉

  2. I loved where the break happened in this post. It said, “This post really is about my new friend.”

    I thought it would be the deistette, so I was really surprised to see a frog.

  3. Hey Angela, thanks for stopping by and for the generous score from the judge from Ohio. That will go a long way for Team Hug A Tree. Blog address please. : )

    You know, Amuirin, I didn’t even think that some might think my new little friend could be The Deist-ette.

    I think if she had a totem animal it would be a tree frog. The first picture I saw of her, she was wearing a green t-shirt with a tree on it and below it said, “hug a tree” hmmm… perhaps subliminal activities afoot?

  4. Yeah, I was expecting a friend who was in Beijing right now…but a frog is even better. He’s *really* cool. I love his little sucker toes that allow him to crawl up like that. You know, frogs symbolize sensitivity and boundaries…maybe he’s your totem animal.

  5. Awwww. What a sweet little buddy. And what an utterly charming post. 🙂

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