i think… i’m gonna… puke.

Imagine a little dog that has been chasing the bumper of passing cars. There’s a really cool, beautiful, sleek, shiny one he’s only dreamed of being able to touch if even for just a second, let alone hold on to it for any length of time.

One day, that car stops on his street.

The driver gets out and calls for him to come over.

He looks at her like WTF!… me? He timidly walks over thinking maybe he’ll just kinda touch the bumper just for a second to fulfill his dream.

But suddenly she picks him up,lifts him high,

twirls around and puts him in the seat

right up against her.



Me and my little Deistette from Texas are gonna meet! She’s coming in to town!

ugh… now that i really sit here and think about it… i’m gettting kinda nervous.

5 responses to “i think… i’m gonna… puke.

  1. woo hoo! Have fun. and if you puke, make sure you hang your head out the window!

  2. Ahhhh. It’ll be fine. Whether or not she adopts you or not, you’re going to be fine.

    Have fun!

  3. thanks guys…

    uuMom, you’ll be happy to know i didn’t have to hang my head out a window.

    and LB… you were right, it was fine. The nauseousness was all for not. : )

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  5. *grins* Oh, I’ve missed so much.

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