words in a picture

This is kinda cool. I found this website called wordle on Muse’s site. Thanks Muse.

It turns the words of your website into a word cloud. I did a screen capture so y’all could see mine.

Tah dahhhhh!

ok, i showed you mine now show me yours. : )

uuMomma, AmuirinLazy Buddhist Melon Girl.  c’mon… open up.  let me see ’em.  Your word cloud that is. : )

5 responses to “words in a picture

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  2. Hey, you’re welcome, Jules! I really liked yours. I’ve made phrases I like from your most prominent words. Looking straight on: “spirit can let alone games”. And, if I tilt my head to the side: “love saying ever”. Cool!

  3. I’m not being non-compliant. Really, I’m not. I meant to turn in my time by noon, but I was in a meeting.

    Oh wait. Sorry, different thing I was being non-compliant about.

    Anyway, I was having problems with wordle – I think I need to install some sort of plug-in. I promise I’ll try to get to it this weekend.

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