wow… bumper stickers really do get noticed

I bought a Coexist bumper sticker from my UU church recently and slapped it on the ol’ vehicle to show my solidarity with like minded thinkers. It’s pretty cool because it’s magnetic and I don’t have to worry about sticky glue being stuck on my truck.
It looks like this.

I’ve never had bumper stickers on my vehicles in the past. Actually I had my phone number and website address when I was doing wedding photography but I took all that off when I thought of it just being an invitation to thieves to bust up my vehicle to snatch photo equipment.

Anyway, I had two people stop me to ask me about the sticker. One fella asked me about the symbols and tried very hard to remember the website where it was ordered so he could get one himself. A lady and her 20-something daughter rolled down their window at a red light, waived to get my attention and asked what my religion was and what the symbols on the back meant.

Unfortunately my “elevator speech” of “I am a unitarian universalist. We believe there is some Truth in all the world religions” was hard to absorb in 12 seconds between a red light and across three feet of traffic noise. She had a look on her face that screamed, “huh?!?”

Maybe I should add a few others on there so people can get a better idea… like these.

hee hee… i love the TREEHUGGER one cuz it reminds me of The Deistette. She hardly ever, like practically never, curses but she gets pretty riled up about the environment and i can hear her in her very demure, little girl voice saying “corporatist motherf#@ker.” it makes me laugh to think about. hee hee hee.


3 responses to “wow… bumper stickers really do get noticed

  1. Wow—giving the elevator speech at a stoplight! Wow.

  2. I have a coexist t-shirt! It’s the “other” one; it actually includes the UU lamp. The last time I wore it, a friend (I think) said that it was nice, but too “in your face”! Hah!
    I’m also not generally a bumper-sticker sort of person, but I used to have one: “God bless everyone…no exceptions” As much as I love the sentiment, I started to realize that the last two words are, just a bit, smug.
    I’m off to look at some of the others you featured! Thanks!

  3. Hi Jay… yeah try doin that sometime. Talk about a challenge. It’s like trying to pat your stomach and rub your head the same time. No wait, that’s kinda easy… more like walking and chewing bubble gum. Eh… pretty easy. Ah… no wait, i got it. More like jumping the fountains at Cesar’s Palace. Yeah, like that.

    Mused! good to see you here. I like that shirt you referenced. I might need to get one of those.

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