Dr Jack Wheeler is a tool

My sister sent me an email with an article written by Dr Jack Wheeler recently. Some of the highlights of which are below.

The O-man, Barack Hussein Obama, is an eloquently tailored empty suit. No résumé, no accomplishments, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding of how the economy works, no understanding of how the world works, no balls, nothing but abstract empty rhetoric devoid of real substance.

He has no real identity. He is half-white, which he rejects. The rest of him is mostly Arab, which he hides but is disclosed by his non-African Arabic surname and his Arabic first and middle names as a way to triply proclaim his Arabic parentage to people in Kenya. Only a small part of him is African Black from his Luo grandmother, which he pretends he is exclusively

It goes on with some stuff essentially saying that the movement supporting Senator Obama is a true religious cult, that his Arabic ancestors were slave owners, and that he is a neophyte. It ends with:

… should not be taken seriously by any thinking American.

I am dumbfounded by the article. I am dumbfounded at the angle of argument in his article. And I’m dumbfounded by the notion that any thinking human being, American or other, would give any credence to the juvenile, sophomoric sputterings written by Dr Wheeler.

After reading his academic and professional achievements, I was expecting some worthy or enlightening prose on the democratic nominee. Instead what I got was the ramblings of a hate filled, theocracy-wanting racist.

Why he argues about Senator Obama’s race or ethnicity is beyond me. Perhaps Dr Wheeler should turn in his voter registration card for a KKK member’s card. It would seem to fit him better.

Why he alludes to religion is beyond me and it should scare…. I mean it should frighten you that he argues towards the direction of theocracy by saying, “Thank heavens that the voting majority of Americans remain Christian…”

What do those issues have to do with being the President of the United States. Well, if you’re one of the morons who gave any credence to his article, I’ll tell you what it has to do with it…. NOTHING. Race, ethnicity and religion have absolutely nothing to do with that job.

The only qualifications needed to be the President is to be a U.S. citizen, be at least 35 years old and have resided in the U.S. for at least 14 years. It says it in the U.S. Constitution…. Article II, Section 1. Pick it up one day. Take a look at it and read it. But be careful… afterwards you may actually become disillusioned and disappointed with the people who’ve been running your country.

23 responses to “Dr Jack Wheeler is a tool

  1. I got the same email this morning and was quite taken aback. I found your site by googling. I live in Houston, too, so it’s nice to know I’m not the only one around here offended by this. C’mon, if you want to argue with Obama’s politics, fine; but this stuff is just incoherently racist.

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  3. I love that the tagline to Wheeler’s site is “An Oasis for Rational Conservatives” and yet his post is full of irrational garbage. Not just ad hominem attacks, but crazy statements of factually false claptrap. Who is this guy?

  4. Hey QB, harebell and thoughtbasket… thanks for stopping by and commenting. Amazing this fella has a doctorate’s degree yet is spewing crap like this.

  5. Do not be lead astray by someone’s resume. After working with a number of MDs and PHds in my day, being smart in one field really has nothing to do with one’s character. Sometimes rather than broadening one’s mind, often a sterling education just results in arrogance rather than wisdom.

    I’ve never heard of this clown, nor do I want to. I sometimes listen to right wing radio on my long drive home from work just so I can hear what kind of propaganda they’re spewing and what buttons they are trying to hit in their listenership. It ain’t pretty, it ain’t pretty at all.

  6. If we all view the religion of our politicians as a non issue, we will all be facing Mecca on a prayer rug in a generation or two.

  7. Gee 1369, you say that like its a bad thing!

  8. Hey 1369.

    Thanks for stoppin by there brother Marine. And thanks for reminding me of MOS 1369. I hadn’t thought of that in years.

    Gotta tell ya brother… I agree with Angela. There are many fine American citizens who face Mecca five times everyday. And what your saying sounds a lot like what people were saying when John F Kennedy was running for president, only substitute Rome for Mecca and kissing the pope’s ring for prayer rug.

    History showa that didn’t happen and neither will what you’re suggesting.

    Semper fi Marine.

  9. I think you nailed it.

    He’s a tool.

  10. It raises my ire when someone claims to know what someone else rejects or doesn’t. Why does this happen so much to people of color or mixed heritage? I’m talking about the assertion that Obama rejects his white self. I don’t even want to begin to say why this gets to me so much; suffice to say it does.

  11. I was once a republican, not now. Why did I leave? All I see is real hate over there. I am a Christian, liberal but Christian. Christ is love, forgiveness, hope but not childish hate games. Neither side is perfect by a long shot but at least I don’t spread ignorance and hate.

  12. Thanks for stoppin by Rubdoggy (i like your moniker by the way).

    I think you’re right, Christ is love, even for the person who doesn’t think he existed at all, I think, if nothing else, that person can at least say, the idea… the myth of this person Jesus of Nazareth is symbolic of love.

    It doesn’t seem like Dr Wheeler is saying anything in this particular letter from a viewpoint of love and he even aligns himself with Christians in it. Weird, huh.

    Hi bonesy… Hi Am!

  13. a friend of mine posted this on her myspace yesterday. i’ve yet to comment because my first reaction was, “you believe this shit?” but i didnt want to sound insulting. so i’m trying to come up with a rational, well-thought-out response. your site helps. i found you through a google search.

    i agree with everything you said about this article. one thing i want to add is that it’s completely baffling that he says he rejects his “white” heritage. the ONLY people i ever hear him give credit to are his mother, grandfather and grandmother who gave up everything to raise him. are all of those people not white? this article just completely blew me away at the amount of hatred and ignorance this man possesses and it really makes me worry about the people who believe this garbage.

  14. Who is DR. Jack Wheeler? A doctorate from some Bible college?

    I just got this same racist email from a Hoosier cousin, half-Jewish (agnostic father), raised Lutheran, married a Polish Catholic and then both became members of the Assembly of God, Gov. Palins’ church (his brother also married a Polish Catholic but they are now Unitarians).

    It was one of three emails from him today, alone, as he feels he needs to convert me, a “black sheep” deist in a religious (but not fundamentalist) Republican family. To keep peace in the family I ignore him, NEVER send him any political or religious emails, but I would love to tell him that his many Texas relatives (except for me are strong but moderate Republicans) are lining up to vote for Sen. Obama. Would love to see Obama pull an upset and get all of the Texas electors. If the Indianapolis Colts can do it?!!! Our family, all belonging to mainline protestant and the Catholic Church are most alarmed by a “rapture-ready” Palin someday becoming president.

    Also he forwarded this email to me…seems God has already chosen McCain-Palin! BUT, this Pastor Mark Arnold of Lebanon, Ohio is NOT telling folks how to vote so his church gets to keep its IRS exemption.


  15. Damn! Of course he’s a “tool”…he doesn’t belive in the Obama hype! Duh! That makes him a “tool” automatically, doesn’t it? (Anyone know where I can get a sarcasm font from)

  16. Since Obama isn’t giving out info on who he really is, it’s not surprising that you are seeing these types of comments. If he’d been more forth coming from the get go [his Harvard years, who his friends were, you know like a normal person] this wouldn’t even be an issue. You liberals suck it up because this man knows what he’s talking about. He worked in the Reagan admin., if you care to look it up, so my guess is he might have a lot more info on Obama than you people seem to. You are lemmings, being led over the cliff and what’s so sad about that, you’re taking the rest of America with you. While you are checking things out,[if you do], check out the 30-40 years that the democrats ruled this country and see why we have the greedy takers of other peoples money and the road we are continuing down is socialism, pure and simple. On being Christians, this country was founded on it and you can find that out too if you do a little research. The reason America is failing today is because we have sinned and not repented. What this country needs is a good, old fashioned revival, where everyone forgives one another [that includes blacks forgiving America for slavery, and until they do, they will never advance or be happy. After all Jesus said forgive as He forgave us and they never have.] With all the hate directed towards our current president it’s no wonder God has turned His back towards us. Jesus said pray for your leaders, how many of you pray for George Bush or his admin.? As much as I did not like Bill Clinton, I still prayed for him. Hate destroys. Try a little kindness today when you meet someone who doesn’t agree with you. It’s very theraputic.

  17. I’ve been a little remiss in replying to this post. I love this post cuz it drives a lot of traffic to my otherwise pretty unsubstantial blog.

    Hey Mike… thanks for stoppin by. No Dr Wheeler is not a tool because he doesn’t believe the Obama hype. He’s a tool because he’s a sorry racist a$$ m*#ther F&^@ker who makes outlandish, quasi libelous remarks with absolutely no attribution.

    Hi egie1836… thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. i really appreciate it but sweetie, i’m not seeing these types of comments because Obama didn’t give out info on who he really is. I see these comments because most unevolved people are afraid. They are fearful, they have an “us and them” mentality, they don’t like those who aren’t like themselves.

    People like Dr Wheeler feed that innate fear by spewing out the trash that he does.

    By the way… America wasn’t entirely founded by Christians. Several of them were Deists. You should read a book called The Faiths of Our Fathers since you’re calling out to do some research.

    One of those founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, who was responsible in writing many of the documents which are the foundation of our country was a Deist and decided that the Bible was so full of inconsistencies that he pulled out all the fluff and left only the stuff he thought was important.

    Look it up it’s called The Jefferson Bible. This is the type of man who founded our country, not the lunatic fringe of fundamentalist Christians who have taken over the voice of christianity.

  18. i’m not seeing these types of comments because Obama didn’t give out info on who he really is. I see these comments because most unevolved people are afraid.

    Jules, I am not the only one saying this…….even democrats are saying it. Tom Brocaw and Charlie Gibson [or Charlie somebody] said the same thing yesterday. I am hearing it on talk radio and if you miss it, it is because you don’t want to hear it. Tom asked Charlie “who is Barak Obama, I really don’t know……….” If Tom and Charlie don’t know who he is then he must be the empty suit Jack Wheeler spoke of, don’tcha think?

    Yes, I know lThomas Jefferson was a Deist in his later years, but his best writtings were when he was young and talked about faith and Jesus Christ. One things for sure, I’d really like to talk to Thomas Jefferson now that he has met the Master and been with Him so long [at least I hope that’s where he’s been]. No one can say for sure until we die or Jeasus comes for His Saints, of which I pray you are one.

  19. I meant to add, the Prilgrims were the ones who set up the 1st churches and used them as schools when they came to America. The pupils were taught from the bible because the parents of these children were afraid the bible teachings would be lost if their children were not taught to read. That was the most important thing to them at this time. Our laws and values were formed from the Judeo-Christian ethic which still are used today but I must say the values have been lowered.

  20. Someone photocopied this “article” and left it in my driveway this morning (we have an Obama sign out front), really ignorant and rediculous.

  21. The “ignorant and ridiculous” were out on Nov. 4th as the election results proved. Add to that the easily led lemmings as fed by the Obama mania. Proof positive that Americas gene pool is getting lower and lower.

  22. Thanks for stopping by the Claw, I’ll add you to my blogs I dig, too. And for enduring my re/riduculous typo above.


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