ridin’ cupcake… well, it ain’t muppet sex

Some of you may have seen some comments i’ve posted over at Amuirin‘s place where I said I would ride cupcake with her any day.  So as not to make everyone think this is some weird, kinky, muppet-sex, erotic fantasy… I will do some ‘splaining.

A couple of months ago I went to see one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Peter Bradley Adams, (which i wrote about here) at a cool little pub here in town called the Mucky Duck. He had on stage with him a friend named Claire Small. She had a bunch of her friends in the audience who apparently are deeply entrenched scooter enthusiasts (there were about a dozen scooters in the parking lot that night).

So Claire and Peter began exchanging a little banter while he was retuning his guitar and Claire began thanking her friends for showing up and supporting her and Pete. They yelled out something about how she was riding cupcake. And so an explanation of what that means ensued and Peter confessed he was being initiated into the scooter subculture that weekend by virtue of playing a gig with Claire.

In an effort to prove I’m not making this term up I found this article titled, “Ridin Cupcake: The Scooter Scene” in the Houston Press, which you can find here with a couple of groovy supporting pics.


I ❤ Am. : )

Bodhi, Hairy LaPinch, Safety Ed, Victoria and RogerTango throwing

Bodhi, Hairy LaPinch, Safety Ed, Victoria and RogerTango

Above are members of the Westenders throwin their gang sign and hanging tough in West Seattle. I love Roger Tango’s expression, his requisite riding gloves and goggles with brain bucket.  Oh, yeah… the scooter is pretty snazzy, too.  (did i just use the word  “snazzy” ?)


2 responses to “ridin’ cupcake… well, it ain’t muppet sex

  1. And I heart Jules.

    I am tremendously curious if your muppet-sex title brought an interesting crowd in.


    Hope you’re doin’ good.

  2. I gotta admit Amuirin… the muppet sex insert was a shameless attempt at generating hits. 🙂 Haven’t noticed a spike. I guess one post with muppet sex in the title doesn’t get the stats up.

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