tempest in a gulf coast cup

Well, it’s been a couple of years since we had one bear down on us. Although when Rita threatened to slam into Houston I wasn’t too concerned. Not really sure why.

But Hurricane Ike… now Ike could swing up and graze us pretty good (at least on the western half of Houston) and give us a little something to think about… kinda like cousin Guido giving you a little knife cut across the cheek. (Hm…Not sure where that came from. I had a weird dream about the mob last night though.)

Anyway, The Deistette and I are fleeing the city. Not cuz of Ike but because we already had plans to fly out. I guess I didn’t mention this but she’s been here for a couple of weeks trying to find a job. Yep, she’s making the move to live here and be near me. Sorry gals… i guess i’m officially off the market.


I worry about things not working out between us and me being that guy she talks about with disdain later on in life. When I think about it, it reminds me of one time when I was talking to a girl as she helped fit my daughter for some boots. I asked her how long she’d been here in Texas. I could tell she wasn’t from here. She said about three weeks.

“Three weeks! No kiddin’. Well, welcome to Texas.”

“thanks,” she said with a little resentment in her voice.

“Sooo…,” i began wondering why the tone in her voice changed. “What brought you to Texas.”

“a BOY!”

She explained that not long after she got here he was pretty much done with her. She had spent what little savings she had to move down and was now away from her family, friends and without anyone she knew.


So the reason I bring up the story is because The Deistette and I have had some growing pains. It’s bound to happen when you stuff two people who are still trying to get to know each other into an 1,100 square foot little house… the both of us realize this. We knew it would happen… every relationship has its moments of tension and so we actually talked about how we would try to get through the inevitable argument well before it even happened.

And so… it happened. We’ve had moments where we didn’t see eye to eye and things got rather heated and uncomfortable. There has been a time or two where a little storm started to brew… in fact one of those times it felt like the storm was blowing pretty hard.

But… we made it through, we were able to see the bigger picture, we said we were sorry, we hugged and we set ourselves back on track and the sky looks beautiful again.

“Hurricane Rita Goes Away” Photo from Uhop‘s Flickr photostream


8 responses to “tempest in a gulf coast cup

  1. Glad you’re fleeing, and already had plans. Yep, that storm seems like a whopper all right. Sounds like you have some good perspective on the relationship thing. I think enjoying each day, and expecting the best one day at a time (in spite of that sounding like a “recovery” program) can add up to years. Good luck and happy travels! 🙂

  2. hope everythings ok! I was supposed to be in houston thurs-sat, but that changed for obvious reasons.

  3. Hope you and yours made it through the storm OK. I was glued to the coverage of the storm (though I think that had more to do with seeing Anderson Cooper in a t-shirt than anything else).

    I wish you and Deistette the best. That adjustment period can be difficult, but it’s good you both know that’s it can be rocky, so that when the bumps come you won’t be surprised, and maybe you’ll (eventually) get a laugh out of them.

    So, does this mean I’m not going to be my Deist butt shot?

  4. Hi guys… I’m alive despite The Deistette and I going on day 4 without any power. We’ve been couch surfing at friends’ places who do have power and manage to keep it.

    Mused… thanks for the luck wishes. We had a great time on the road although it took us 14 hours. We took a long way to get around the storm. We still managed to hit some heavy rain and lightning (will post some video soon) in LaGrange, Tx.

    Kinsi! Good thing you didn’t come out this way. Crazy stuff going on here in the aftermath.

    My dear LB… we did make it through ok. And The Deistette has been advised that butt shot promises have been made and a promise simply can’t be broken. 🙂

  5. Jules, am glad to see you survived the storm! As it petered out over the midwest, we caught some of the tail end. Very high winds in western PA, our rent-a-car was much buffeted; we used a semi-truck for a windblock. The next morning a lot of fallen limbs and trees. Roads blocked off, and power out for thousands.

    Flying over and into Chicago yesterday to change planes, we saw lots of standing water in parks, baseball fields, etc.

    Now it’s back out here in drought-ridden California. As we trucked on through the drizzle, rain, drizzle downpour in Pittsburgh over the weekend I kept wishing I could send all that water home.

  6. Wow, Jules. First, that photograph is stunning.

    Second… you guys move fast! I guess if you know, you know. I did the long-distance-to-move thing with a fella a couple years ago. He came here (well, within an hour of where I lived) and then we were going to move in, but I kinda didn’t. I mean, I was in the process of moving, but prolonged that and couldn’t quite do it, I guess deep down it didn’t feel right.

    It puts a lot of pressure on things when you hafta make it work, suddenly. I’m glad, in a way, that it didn’t work out, cus that path lead eventually to the person I’m involved with now and it feels right. Safe, fun, sexy, warm- all those elements are there. But I used to wonder if Will and I would have worked if we hadn’t put so much pressure on things so early on.

    I guess we both had our reasons not to let it develop naturally.

  7. yeah, I know…

    This is moving fast. Much faster than I ever anticipated but certain events have popped up, opportunities made available and road blocks diverting the flow. So here we are… moving her into my house… (ahem) our house. But, like you said, it feels safe and warm.

    Hey, like I’ve told her, the worst thing that could happen is it doesn’t work out and we leave this relationship as bitter, regretful, stunted, unproductive human beings. But we can at least look back and say, “but damn that was some pretty good sex.” 🙂

    Wish i could claim credit for that pic. But I found it and thought I’d use it with attribution.

  8. lol now there’s a unique perspective!

    You know, for every story that goes crazy bad, there’s a story that goes crazy good, too. I’m thinking you have a lot to give to someone who takes good care of you. I hope you and deistette are *ecstatically* happy together, for a long, long time.

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