returning to normal

man, it’s been eleven days since my last post. I’ve been reading blogroll peeps and commenting here and there but haven’t really thought about writing much.

So much going on… too much rolling around in my head to be able to set aside time to tap something out. I’ve had rehearsals with my band getting music ready for church this past Sunday. Writing and delivering the sermon the Sunday before that. Writing and delivering  a portion of a sermon this coming Sunday.  Traveling across the state into a hurricane to move The Deistette out here. Graphic design stuff piling up. The dishwasher needs fixing. Lawn mower is broken and subsequently have a letter from the Homeowner’s Association Nazis. The daughter needs me even though she doesn’t think so. My vehicle has a slow leak in the rear driver’s side tire.  My gutter fell off my house.  Photos to print for clients.

And that’s just the stuff that is squeaky wheel stuff.

Is this why i’ve started to get gray hair.   Gray hair sucks.


5 responses to “returning to normal

  1. I was going to grant you absolution for ignoring us. However, after that last little dig at gray hair, I am having second thoughts.


    Your Former Hand Twin
    (who incidentally started graying at the age of 19 and whose head is now has a wild shock of totally white hair)

  2. FORMER Hand Twin!?!… perhaps I should have qualified that very last sentence. Gray hair sucks ON ME. And that last sentence was kind of an after thought. I re-read the post and then thought, “oh… i’ll put this in, too.” Soooo can we be hand twins again.

    Actually, The Deistette says she likes my little sprigs of gray that are popping out and thinks it looks good on me.

    She is apparently more evolved than me because she also said she’s looking forward to when she starts to go gray. She’s gonna leave her hair long and use shampoo that enhances the color to make it as silvery as she can.

    I must admit though, I do love the look of Emmylou Harris’ long white hair, I had a gunnery sergeant I worked for who had a three-inch wide shock of white hair along her jet-black hair that started on the right side of her widow’s peak and went all the way to the middle of her back who looked sexy as hell with it and I’m quite the fan of the silver-haired woman in this T-Mobile commercial.

    Am I forgiven? : )

  3. you have gray hair because you’re old. not because you’re stressed 🙂

    Also, who knows why, but I’ll be in Houston Thurs – Sat for buiz

  4. Hmmmmm.

    Well . . .

    You do seem to good company as the Deistette seems to be a wise sort with good taste (and it’s called “blueing shampoo”, the secret ingredient that when used in excess is the cause for the little blue haired old lady phenomenon. When used correctly, you end up looking like Emmylou Harris.)

    Oh, OK. All is forgiven.

    Hand Twins Unite!

  5. Aw, you do have a lot on your plate. I’ve been getting gray hairs cropping up since I turned thirty.

    But I color mine up. I wonder if the coloring causes more gray?

    doesn’t matter, I guess. Being a red(dish) head is sort of intrinsic to my identity at this point in time.

    Hope things calm down for you.

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