road trip!!!

A little more than three weeks ago The Deistette and I spent about 14 hours on the road together as we left Amarillo with all her stuff packed in a U-Haul and headed to Houston. (by the way, I found out she’s a Jew.  A Jewish Deistette… do they really make those?  Huh, who knew.)

Coincidentally it was the same weekend Hurricane Ike decided to come into town. I wanted to post this right after we got back but I’ve been kinda busy with work stuff and church stuff and trying to unscrew my house from what was latent storm damage. The appearance of mold has confirmed water got in somehow .

Anyway, that’s what’s been keeping busy… sorry about being a bit negligent in posting anything lately.

Hope you like the video. It’s pretty funny at times… particularly the out take.

Yep… there are actually pictures and video that show my face… first time on this blog. Hope i don’t lose any readers. : )

sorry the video is so compressed and pixelated but it’s the best I could get. The actual raw file looks better but you get the idea.

[Deist clicks play and thinks, “i love this video…

… theeeeese arrrrre the dayyyyys”]

7 responses to “road trip!!!

  1. Very enjoyable. Even though I had to pee something fierce, I couldn’t tear myself away.

    Two points: 1) Yes, a Jew can be Deist, since to be a Deist implies a belief in God, which Jews do. She could not, however, be a Jesusist. 2) You two are very cute together. I wish you both the best of luck. You’re brave souls. Even after 10 years, the boyfriend and I still have not made the step to move into together. But, I’m a lot older and crankier than your lovely Deistette, which probably has a lot to do with only wishing to share my space with creatures with fur.

  2. This cracked me up!

    You two are sooooooo darn cute! I had my own road trip a couple of weeks ago. Mine took place in Korea though. Fun stuff!!! I think it says a lot when two people can travel together.

    Big hugs to you!!!

  3. B-Mom!… quite sickening isn’t it. The cuteness level. But the video is pretty funny though isn’t it. I love watching it. And i laugh every time i watch it. Hope to see some pics of Korea!

    LB… thanks for watching. I really wanted you to see it and was thinking of you when i edited it and put it together… sorry didn’t find any butt shots.

    I was hoping it would turn out well but I didn’t think i’d bring you to cause yourself bladder pain. Don’t do that you’ll get kidney stones.

  4. Jules, I’m very happy for you, man. You deserve goodness in yur life.

    p.s. Texas still looks flat.

  5. Funny! It’s so cool to see a face behind the words and ideas. I had to stop watching when you guys finally got out of the parking lot…motion sickness. Ha!

  6. Hey Ombud… Thanks man. I really appreciate it. Means a lot coming from you. Thanks a bunch. I’m getting all verklempt now.

    Bonsey! Sorry for giving you vertigo. I didn’t realize I had made a Blair Witch-esque little video. Maybe you could take a little Dramamine and sit through the whole thing.
    Did you at least get to see the out take at the very end. Funny stuff.

  7. I watched your video and loved your video. I keep forgetting to say anything, but you two are great.

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