my view every morning

This our dog, Canyon.

Every morning, he sits at the edge of the bed watching me and The Deistette as we sleep. And when he knows we’re awake… he still sits there… just like this… staring. Makes me wonder how long he sits there waiting for one of us to get up.

Funny, huh. Actually when it first happened it kinda freaked me out a little cuz his nose was almost against my nose when my eyes opened. As I laid there with my head at the edge of the bed and I figured out what he was doing, I sat there staring at him and he staring at me.

We rescued him shortly after Hurricane Ike hit.

Actually, he adopted us. He showed up on our doorstep about four or five days after the storm and The Deistette gave him some food and water and he never left. As you might imagine he completely adores her.

He’s a really good dog and we’ve tried to figure out what his story is but can’t piece together anything from the few clues we know about him. He had a collar on his neck but no tags. We took him to a vet but no radio locater. He was skinny and you could feel his bones so he hadn’t eaten in a while. He’s very friendly so he’s been around people. He knows the command to sit and he’s completely house trained so someone worked with him. The only other clue we have is the little scar on the top of his nose. Can you see it? In the picture it’s the pink stripe on top. It was somewhat fresh when he showed up and it seems like he may have gotten it from sticking his nose under a fence to sniff whatever was on the other side.

I feel sorry for the people who lost him or let him go. He sits by our side at night. He protects our house and he protects The Deistette when she walks him. He gives affection and is at times a comedic break from what life throws at us sometimes.

Yep, i feel sorry for them

They lost a really, really good dog.

Man how lucky can a guy get. I’ve got an awesome girl to share life with. Beautiful daughter who is turning into a beautiful young woman. We’ll have The Deistette’s little boy soon and he happens to think I’m pretty awesome. We pick him up at Thanksgiving. And I have a pretty cool ass dog now.

I’m so thankful this is my view right now. I hope this is my view for many mornings to come.

from Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech July 4, 1939


2 responses to “my view every morning

  1. What a sweet sweet face! There is nothing so surprisingly pleasant as waking up to find your dog watching you sleep. The boyfriend had a great dog who would sit by his bed and when you would sleepily turn over to say good morning to her, she would beat you to the punch and give you a big lick.

    Canyon is a lucky dog, and you are a lucky man. I’m so happy that things are turning out so well for you. But, frankly, Jules, I’m a little concerned. Where is your writer’s angst? Five more days, my friend, five more days

  2. He’s a remarkably appealing sort of fellow. I’m so glad your cup runneth over, Jules.

    That you’re surrounded by special people to love.

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