NaNo on the brain…

but not on the paper.

I swear to God, I had a dream about NaNoWriMo on Friday night/Saturday morning. I am so freaked out about this…. and I don’t even know why. I mean it’s not like I’m going to get flogged or beaten about the head. But still i’m freaked out about this.

And The Deistette is not helping AT ALL!

Despite the fact that i have the computer on my lap cooking my marbles and i sit here tapping a way she continues to read out loud interesting articles from her Sierra Club magazine.

“yeah, there’s a cool article here about going on a dog sledding vacation.”

“hm… ok.”

“Wouldn’t that be fun.”

[Deist continues tapping and staring at his monitor] “uh huh.”

Maybe i’ll take Amuirin’s advice and just repeat a phrase a few times to get my word count up.

And so my novel begins….

“Please don’t pick me.  Please don’t pick me.  Please don’t pick me.  Please don’t pick me. “


6 responses to “NaNo on the brain…

  1. lol

    I had a real hard time getting started, too. I was afraid to commit my idea to paper, afraid to start, afraid…

    But someone pretty much gave me permission to write my idea. I wish I had their words in front of me, I’d pass them on to you. Pretty much, this is like the time to allow your soul to tell the story it wants to tell. Go ahead and let it. Turn the editor off, and be the stenographer for whatever words want to come.

    This helped me.

  2. Yup. Turn off your editor. And have fun! Once you turn on the spigot, it kinda starts to flow on its own. A couple of hours ago I had no idea who these characters would be and how they would meet. Who knew that a medium named Flo Flutterspirit who was channeling Jesus’ bitter younger brother, Simon, would provider the the circumstances under which my characters would meet. I mean, WTF. But, that’s what came out of my spigot.

    What’s going to come out of yours?

  3. This post, and the previous one, were hilarious. So, you obviously have the “chops” (and cooked marbles) to be a humor writer. Go for it! Yay!

  4. hi, hi.

    I’m supposed to be writing, J, but I’m watching the elections, and skipping frenetically among blogs. They aren’t saying anything, yet, of course, cus polls only just closed in some East states. Grawg.

    *crossing fingers*

  5. My spigot is rusted shut… I have a measly 700 words written.

    LB and Am… you two are amazing.

    yeah, i should be writing right now, too, Am… especially since The Deistette is sifting through her magazines but I can’t peel myself away from Charlie Gibson and his analysis of the election.

    ugh… maybe in a couple of hours I’ll get inspired.

    Mused!… hey honey, how are you doing. Can you have a deputy muse inspire me!

  6. You’re not the only slow starter, Jules. 8 days on and I have 3200 words and that’s only the first chapter. Ok, the election was a valid distraction – once in a lifetime event, historical moment, future writing material, yada, yada, etc.

    My muse resists all my attempts to bludgeon her into silence and inaction. She questions every phrase and edits every paragraph. What can you do? I have the duct tape ready for when next she surfaces.

    Good luck and keep tapping away!

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