pulling the lever

Well, The Deistette had conceded that she wasn’t going to be able to vote in one of the most historic elections our country has ever seen.

When she moved down here on the weekend that the hurricane hit, we were dealing with so much but one afternoon in late, late September I had the day off and we went went to the DMV to get her new Texas driver’s license. She registered to vote at the same time.

Well, she’s been waiting and waiting and waiting for her voter card and nothing. We looked on a website to see if the County Clerk had her listed on the rolls and which polling station she’d vote. Nothin.

But on my way home, I checked the mail and tah dahhh!!!… her card was there.

She was quite happy.  And I think I know how she voted.

What can i say… that’s my girl!



3 responses to “pulling the lever

  1. Wtg, deistette!

    Guess what you guys?

    It’s a brand new day. 🙂

  2. He won, he won, he won!

    Woooo hooooo!
    Woooooooooo hoooooooooooooo!

    I’m still hoping for Al Franken, and 60 senators, and a few other things; but still …

    He won, he won, he won!

    After 8 miserable years, a President we can be proud of!

    Woooooooooo hooo hooooo hoooooo!
    Wooo hooo woooo hoooo woooooo hoooo!

  3. I suddenly love Texans! And everybody that did the right thing!

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