The war to end all wars

Today is veterans day in the U.S. It was born from the treaty that was signed between the allied forces and Germany on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month signaling the beginnings of the end World War I, which at the time people thought was the war to end all wars.

It didn’t quite take.

I was in the military for eight years… four of them with the Recruiting Command right here in my hometown.
That was a stroke of dumb luck… pure coincidence.

My experience in the military was.. is pretty negligible. I was in during the Clinton Administration which was a relative time of peace for our country.

I say relative because our government always has covert operations happening and there were flare ups in Haiti, Cuba, Somalia and of course the Yugoslav Wars but our involvement was minimal compared to what is happening now. Not even close to what is happening now. [sigh]

I’ve never been one who wears my military service on my sleeve. But today i think I will a little. I hope you’ll take a little time and join me and others as we send prayers, thoughts and/or some positive energy out into the Ether and hope that it falls on a kid in a far off land. They need to come home and we need to think of a way to end all wars.


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