NaNoWriMO – is there a do over

Ugh… I really thought I could pull off NaNoWriMo.  When Lazy Buddhist threw out the idea I thought, “i think i could do this.  Having a friend in the mix might make it a little easier to pull off, too.”   Then Amuirin over at Stop and Wander joined in, also…  and they are both doing fantastic on their word count by the way.

But November hit me hard.

Life hit me hard… [sigh] and NaNoWriMo quickly got put to the backburner.

The Deistette and I have been going through something really tough.  We’ve crammed about five years of relationship into five months and we’ve come to a spot that has been tough to deal with.

The one thing I’m grateful for is that we’re in it together, we wavered a bit but ultimately it’s made us closer.  Kinda the way centrifugal force during a car rollover smashes people in the backseat closer but closer nonetheless. Hey at least i haven’t let go of my sense of humor, right.

Anyway, I’m not letting up on WriMo though.  I’ve had about a week and a half of the nineteen NaNoWriMo days slip away from me because of unforeseen events but I’ll forge ahead to the end.  I’m gonna keep writing. It’s therapeutic in a way.

If you wanna see a new excerpt click on my WriMo page link just under my wordcount badge.

12 responses to “NaNoWriMO – is there a do over

  1. Sorry about November. Me, my book just sucks. It just suck suck sucks. I can’t write anything more constructive then it just sucks. Who’s idea was this anyway. It makes me eat. TONS and now I am fat. Yes, NaNOWriMo make me fat. Great. Sucks and fat.

  2. Why, sure, Jules, just do it over again in December. Christmas? What Christmas? Besides, as you are UU, you can be flexible and just decide to celebrate Eastern Orthodox Christmas in January, instead … you can make a killing on the sales, and celebrate finishing your novel with some mistletoe and the Deistette, too.

  3. If you did pull a rabbit out of your hat and write like a nutball now…

    Well, just think what we’d hafta call you.

    Like… Zeuss.

    or, The Ultra-Powerful and Ominpotent Wordly Deist…

    I’m just sayin’… there some major title potential here.

  4. Hey, this whole NaNo thing is completely random – I mean, come on, “hey let’s all write a novel in 30 days in November”, how freakin’ random is that? Sure, pick a month, or hell any 30 days and write like the wind. Granted, we’ll have to take you on honor system, but you’re an honorable man.

    Do whatcha gotta do, the blank page will always be there waiting for you.

  5. I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving.

    I’m using today to get caught up on some badly needed blog reading.

    Hugs to you!

  6. well, it’s over, J.

    I guess you and I hafta do it next year now. So we can finish.

  7. i guess we hafta. Man I was so wanting to be called The Ultra-Powerful and Omnipotent Worldly Deist.

    opportunity lost.

    Hey!!! new novel title.
    NaNo ’09!!! Bring it!

  8. Hi, Jules!

    Have you ever done NaNo before?? I skipped this year but I did it the 3 prior ones. 5K the first year, crapped out in week 2. 15K the second year, crapped out at end of week 2. 28K the third year, crapped out….well, you get the idea! LOL

    The thing is…there always seems to be something that comes up…but you know what? It’s still a whole bunch of words I wouldn’t have written without Nano…..

    • Hey Grace… good to see you here again. No i hadn’t done NaNo before. I was a newbie. I had some difficulties in November that pushed any energy I had towards the novel to the side.

      I’m gonna try to finish it though and see how it turns out.

  9. Knock knock. Is Jules there?

    Hope December is treating you better than November.

    Take care, buddy.

  10. Hi there. Hope all is well down there. Thanks for adding me to your sidebar.

  11. I miss reading you.

    I hope you write again.

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