there is a little boy in my house

Things changed quite a bit after The Deistette moved into Casa Jules back in mid-September. Changed for the better I think.

I no longer came home from work to an empty house. There was no longer evidence that the person living here subsisted on the fast food joint of the day. And my house had a different… i don’t know… different “feel”.

But Thanksgiving weekend things changed even more. We picked up The Deistette’s son. He’s four and a half. He’s small for his age and he has sent me back in time.

When I was married to my second wife she had a son. When we met he was four and a half as well. And he wasn’t real boy-ish. For those of you who have boys, I think you might know what I mean by boy-ish. Most little boys like to rough-house. They growl… make weird faces. Play with trucks and smash them into things. They run as if nothing can stop them and when they eventually run into something and hurt themselves, usually the boy-like logic of, “are you bleeding? No? Then you’re ok.” usually gets them back up and continuing with the business of being a boy again. It’s that nature described when a mom says, “he’s ALL boy.” You know… boy-ish.

Anyway, Michael wasn’t like that and neither is The Deistette’s boy. At least he wasn’t when we first got him.

He was very sick and pale, kinda puny and not feeling himself. But we patched him up and he started coming around. Part of the regimen was letting him drink cow’s milk. He’s been drinking soy milk pretty much since he was born because it was thought he was allergic to cow’s milk. The Deistette and her ex thought it was the cause of some allergy problems.

The doc told us no, milk won’t do that and said we should start giving him 2%.

So about a week or two after doing that, something strange happened. He became a little more boy-ish. Apparently soy milk has plant estrogens in it… quite a bit. Now, I don’t know if this is really true, that soy products have enough estrogen to affect a little boy (or little girls for that matter) but what I do know is The Deistette says he has never been this way… you know, boy-ish. He wants to wrestle with me all the time and punch on my stomach and go really fast in his wagon. All i can think is all that stuff started leaving his body and now…

Well, now…

…there is a little boy in my house.

It’s amazing. It’s a gift. He reminds me daily that there is wonder and beauty (dare I say The Divine) in things mundane. He reminds me it’s ok to be silly. And he reminds me of what it’s like to have a little boy in my house. What a gift.

sorry for the blurry nature of this video. It was taken with my cell phone


6 responses to “there is a little boy in my house

  1. Sweet video. I’m glad you are enjoying having the boy around. I bet he loves it.

  2. what a cute little dude.

  3. Oh, what a little sweetie…um, I mean, tough little guy! 😉 So many changes in your life. It’s wonderful you all are making a family together.
    Are you able to share where the boy was before? He and Deistette must have missed each other!

  4. This is very cool, Jules. Congratulations, I hope the good news continues.

  5. I have two boys – and so I’m biased. But Boys are Awesome! They will wear you out, but never a dull moment. This little guy, even blurry, looks adorable and a ton of fun. Maybe it was you and not the 2% that perked him up?

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