a thousand words

I’ve gotten on my movie short kick again and found a movie I absolutely love.
It’s very well shot and watching it in HD is really nice.

I also thought it was rather appropriate to post about this short since so many bloggers are writing about hope in the wake of the inauguration. I thought this was a pretty good example of hope as well as trust… hope in what could possible be. Trust that your message will be carried out once you put it out there.

It’s amazing what some directors and writers can achieve in just a few minutes and with no words being spoken at all.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Directed by Ted Chung. Ted Chung is a director and screenwriter based in Los Angeles, California.

3 responses to “a thousand words

  1. Beautiful.

  2. This was cool, but…

    You do not write here often enough, and you do not visit me often enough.

    So I have made for you two New Year’s Resolutions that become active immediately, and will count for the whole year, despite late start, as long as you see them through.

    New Years Resolution for Jules 1: Write more blog posts.

    New Years Resolution for Jules 2: Visit Amuirin with at least the frequency of a fruit-fly’s lifespan.

    Yay! I like your resolutions.

  3. Hi Angela!… Hadn’t seen you here in a while. Thanks for stopping by again and checking in.

    [jules holds his head down kicking at the dirt] I know Am… I am a horrible blog peep / weeble. I need to get here more often. I’ve actually got two (count ’em two) really cool posts that are similiar to Willy and Puppy but this time I got video and the editing aspect of it takes so long.

    As for stopping by your place… [sniff] i’ve got no excuses. I need to see what everyone is up to.


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