another year notched

So today is my birthday. Not to be confused with my blog’s birthday.


MY birthday.

Yep. Jules is fpowritfy tnwro yrs old.

Ahem… sorry. Little somethin in my throat. Been trying to get over a little cold.

I said am fpowritfy tnwro yrs old today. : )

Anyway…. another day older, another day wiser. Well, that I suppose could be argued. : )

At least I didn’t do something over the top for my birthday like this woman did for hers. Below is a very favorite movie short I found on Crackle. If you’ve got about 13 minutes to burn at lunch, give it a look.

[Deist grabs his lunch, click play and begins humming to himself…”And isn’t ironic. Don’t ya think. A little toooo ironic. dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dahhh.”]

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Written and directed by Lisa Marks, Marina del Rey, CA.

5 responses to “another year notched

  1. 42 or 52? Cough it up.

    Happy day, no matter which one it is. 8)

  2. Thanks Bonesy!
    Well I guess I can see how my coughing gibberish would look like fifty-two but I turned 42.

    Good idea though. I think I’m gonna start telling people I’m 52.

    Yes! That’s the new plan. I’ll say I’m 52 and people will say I look really good for my age.

    Thanks for the idea Y. : )

  3. Happy birfday you young whipper snapper. I’m going to be turning fitty in a week. Oy.

    But, it sounds like you are in a good place – a darling fiancee, a rambuctious little boy, and your little fawn who all love you like crazy.

  4. Bon Anniversaire, my little googoo cake, my little casserole.

    *sorry, I”m chanelling pepe le pew*

  5. Thanks LB. I am in a pretty good place right now. Pretty good place. And I saw that your birthday is coming up soon. Were you really born on Groundhog Day?

    Thanks Am… my little cotton candy face, she of the sweet voice, mon petite gozonga amie. :p

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