:| blink… blink…. blink….

I didn’t quite know what to say. What do you say when someone insults you right to your face but thinks it’s behind your back.

So I was at church a couple of Sundays ago and I greeted our guest speaker to let her know I’d be the one helping out. She’d been there before so she’s familiar with the terrain but I was making sure she was comfortable.

“Can I get you some hot tea? No… cool water. Sure no problem. What’s that? Yes, here’s an order of service for you. I put it right here where you can find it quickly during the sermon. Of course… here’s a hymnal right here. A sound check has been done so you’re ready to go. Back in a second with the water.”

I’m a bit of a fan of the person who I’m speaking of so I was honored to be the one taking care of her needs as she prepared to talk to our congregation. Someone on our worship committee does this for every speaker but I was told we have to be a little more attentive with this particular person because she’s gone through something rather terrible and mentally/emotionally she just needs a little help with things that used to be very familiar. Don’t know if that makes sense. I’m trying to be delicate without saying she’s sometimes just doesn’t have it all together.

Anyway… so in the minutes before she was about to speak, we got on the subject of the music for that morning. I told her our music director would be playing piano and leading the hymns that morning although we’ve recently had to use music from a CD a time or two because we don’t have the piano player we’ve had for years and haven’t found a replacement on a regular basis.

And I was just about to saaaaaayyyyy….

“and my band plays here every so often as well, to pick up the slack” when she said, “oh that’s good. I’m glad that little combo isn’t playing today.” Then she looked around and
said, “oh don’t tell any of them if they’re here I said that. It’s just they don’t play any songs anyone knows and they’re kind of loud and not that good.”


Whiskey Tango Fox… over. WTF? little combo?

So I say… “yeah, they’re not that good. I kinda wish they’d quit playing here.”

And she says, “yeah… that might be good. I’m sure they’re trying but maybe someone could have a conversation with them to see if they could just stick to hymns.”



Soooooooooo anyway….

I play in a band. And apparently we’re not that good.

Oh well… we have a good time at it. So to give everyone an idea of how much we suck, below is a recording we did recently. We plugged into our little 10-channel PA and hit the record button to do it.  Go ahead and click the play button now… it takes a while for the file to load and buffer.

I recommend listening to it loud cuz it ROCKS! ok maybe it doesn’t rock but it’s pretty friggin cool. I especially like when our bass player begins rocking out so much that his cable yanks out of the bass and he has to plug back in during the middle of the song. Then of course there’s also the really cool part where I forget the lyrics to a song I wrote and I stumble over them.

Oh well…

This one goes out to my friend Le Claw cuz she used to be a bass player in a rock band in her younger days (pre- children). I thought she’d like this song since our bass player used a really cool, heavy flange/phase effect as is requisite of 70’s influenced rock (as well as porno music. Not that I know… I mean… you know… guys talk. Ya hear things. You know… so I’ve been told 🙂 ) and we had the levels screwed up so he’s pretty loud on this recording.


6 responses to “:| blink… blink…. blink….

  1. Sounds pretty cool! You handled yourself well…


  2. OUCH….OK, if that was me, I would have been hurt.

    And because I would have been hurt, I would have (probably) looked her right in the eye and said, “Gee, I’m sorry that my band doesn’t suit your tastes. Good thing that JESUS thinks it’s AWESOME!” 🙂

  3. whiskey tango fox – can I use that one? Who is this woman and how did you prevent yourself from slapping her? Oh right, you didn’t slap her b/c you guys were at church. Where people usually don’t say things like she did. Uggh. People suck. Thanks for the “dedication” what do you play in the band – guitar and vocals? Way to rock!

  4. hey guys… yeah, The Deistette said she would have been hurt, too and kinda pissed off. I thought it was funny. But I guess I’m odd that way.
    I actually thought about taking it a little further and saying some harsher stuff like, “yeah, they suck. I don’t know who told that loser who fronts the band he could sing.” 😀

    Speakin of… yep Sherri, that’s me singing and me playing guitar as well. Every so often we all plug into our PA and then send the signal to my Mac. This one didn’t turn out too, too bad. Levels were off but good enough to share in the blogosphere.

  5. There isn’t a known artist, musician or author alive who hasn’t had their critics and detractors. I have no doubt that Shakespeare was probably told he sucked a good many times during his career, and likely someone told Walt Disney he’d never amount to anything.

    I’m glad you see the funny aspect. Just let it roll off your back.

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