who should stay home with the sick kiddo

ok, I’d like a little help with a question.

But before the question, the scenario.

The Deistette’s Little Man is sick. He caught some kind of sniffle/cough from daycare and it hit it’s peak last night. Despite giving him medicine that we thought would work, he coughed all night long. Well not all night long… there was a stretch for about three hours where he quieted down.

So we decide we can’t send him to daycare and we’ve got to take him to the doc.

Well, I draw the short straw. Actually it’s a no-brainer. We’re like millions of households out there in that our household needs two incomes to survive. Emilie just found a job a few weeks ago (thank God!) through a temp agency and is still on the probationary period so we can’t afford to risk her losing this job. So I’m the one whose gonna take him to the doctor.

So when I call in to work to say I’m not comin’ in because I have to take the boy to the doc my boss says, “why can’t Emilie take him. She’s a female, her company will understand.”

Archaic thinking?… yes. But do you feel the same stress though.

In other words although it seems stupid to think that naturally the mom should be the one to stay home to take care of a sick child do you and your spouse feel like you have no choice in the matter.

One response to “who should stay home with the sick kiddo

  1. My husband is a stay-at-home father, plus there’s flexibility with my work to stay home if need be. He’s a better caretaker than I am. But any company that knows what it’s doing in terms of attracting both men and women would know that flexibility is key to keeping talented folks on the rolls.

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