gut punches galore

I know there other people who have it worse than me.  I know it.

So many people have lost their jobs. A lot of people here in Houston are affected by Circuit City and Linens N Things cutting loose of people. AIG has started laying off people here in Houston (I used to work there and have received emails from former three co-workers and friends who are now looking). I can think of at least a couple of local retail outlets that are reorganzing or closing their doors. I heard that a big call center for TMobile got closed but I haven’t been able to confirm that one and I heard from a friend of mine who is in the petro chemical industry that Dow Chemical will be closing a plant down in the Freeport/Lake Jackson area…. that small town to the south of Houston whose little economy depends on that plant.

So many families lost their homes after Hurricane Ike and are still trying to recover from that.

But when my water heater is on the verge of dying, my refrigerator does die and we lose all the food we bought a few days earlier, I find out I have bees in the wall of my garage and my friggin headlight goes out causing a cop to pull my dumb ass over!….

Makes me think I need to start doing some crunches in case another one comes at me in the gut.

5 responses to “gut punches galore

  1. Oh that sucks. Hang in there.
    My brother-in-law just lost his job the other day. I think we are way past the interesting stage of this shit…

  2. 😦

    Srry to hear things have gone all cross-eyed over there.

    I hope it’s looking up. Are bees really a big problem in february? Look for a charmer. If you just kill ’em, the local flora will suffer, and you’ll have honey dripping all over the floor when the weather warms. A charmer can induce the bees to move the comb and its contents on their own.


    A better outcome, all ’round. And a quest worthy of some serious story-telling.

  3. thanks guys.

    Yeah, Amuirin… Emilie and I looked into a group that removes bees in hopes that we could get them out with killing them. For one, because what I understand it’s against the law to kill honeybees in our area. Still not certain on that but also, we’d rather not kill them.

    I know it will all pass but while riding through it kinda sucks.

  4. did things ever look up over there?

  5. Oh yeah… everything passes. We got a new fridge. So we’ve put ourselves in more debt but at least we can keep healthy food in our house now instead of having to eat out. Those couple of days were rough in that department.

    The water heater we hope will last another few weeks. I keep checking it in that attic and she’s holding fast.

    We had a cold snap (like most of the country did) hit and the bees have retreated for now.

    Thanks for asking Am.

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