spring swap goodies

1spring-stuffI’m a little late posting this. I was supposed to show all my spring goodies when I received them a week or so ago. Sorry for the delay.

So one of my newer blog peeps, Sherri, over at LeClaw arranged for a little blog swap in celebration of the earth coming back into balance. I think there were eight or so of us participating in it. LeClaw got her Swap-O-Matic machine out, dumped our names into the hopper and swappy goodness ensued.

I was paired up to receive stuff from PHST (Pseudonymous High School Teacher) who just so happens to live in Huh-Wyy-Eeeee!

1sippy-cupI got some pretty cool springy goodness from PHST as you will see in the pics. The Little Man (despite numerous statements that the package and its contents were mine) decided that the palm tree shaped sippy cup was his.

The Deistette immediately staked claim to the handmade photo album which is reallllly awesome! Thanks so much PHST!!!handmade

DISCLAIMER: I am not your average mexican… i don’t really like hot, spicy food.

2peasAnd on top of that, I don’t really do veggies so peas don’t really peg my happy-meter towards the high end but I’ll try anything once, even the wasabi peas she sent. I chose not to show my “i-just-ate-a-wasabi-pea” face. It isn’t pretty.

Then there are these things. Really unusual. The Deistette has a much more adventurous palate than I do so she

3mangowas very willing to try the Mango pieces in Li Hing Mui juice. After she took a bit and I could see that she didn’t double over gagging, I decided it was fit for human consumption.

I have two words for you…. Tayyy Steee. At least the first bite was. After a couple more pieces I thought, “hm… not as tasty as the first bite.” It has an odd ginger taste to it but it’s quite sweet at the same time. Kinda lubricates my throat so maybe it will be good to eat before I sing and record with the band.

To round it off The Teach added these little… these little…


Um, I’m pretty unrefined. I haven’t gotten out much so forgive me if I don’t use the actual term for these but PHST rounded out the package with little plate thingies.

4platesI’m not sure what they are or what they’re used for but they’re neat. They’re porcelain or ceramic little dishes. I think they’re used for sushi normally.

Anyway… that’s it. Tah dahhhhh! Springy goodness brought to you by LeClaw.

Thanks Sherri and thanks PHST!

Happy Spring!

3 responses to “spring swap goodies

  1. wasabi peas!!! AHHHH Sooo jealous, Love those. I am not a hot and spicy gal either but I LOVE Wasabi peas! Addictive. Looks like you received quite the hawaiian goody bag, isn’t PHST awesome? Thanks for participating in the swap!

  2. What a cool swapping package, D.


  3. Glad you liked the stuff… figured everyone should try wasabi peas at leat one.

    Oh, those things are sashimi plate ; -)

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