using VodPod in WordPress

I just found a wordpress blogger who is using to embed flickr slideshows in her blog. Pretty cool.

And if you go to the forums there are some links on how to do this but they are written from a techno-geek point of view so I thought I would share my own easy 12 step process to using VodPod for flickr slideshows.

There used to be a pretty cool site for doing slideshows and inserting your own music called Splashcast but they went to a subscription model. Unfortunately with flickr all you get are the pics… no music. But if pics is all you want, well, here ya go.

  • 1. Get a account.
  • 2. Get a account
  • 3. Upload your amazing pics to flickr.
  • 4. Get your slideshow share link. (upper right hand corner) and use the embed link not the url.
  • 5. Login to VodPod,
  • 6. Click on the tab labeled “paste embed code”
  • 7. Paste your link and hit preview.
  • 8. A window pops up with two tabs. Click the “Post to Site” tab and
  • 9. Click on the WordPress button.
  • 10. Click the blue link “Send to my editor”
  • 11. Wait for the internet to do it’s magic
  • 12. Hit “Publish” share your stuff with the world.

Tah dahhhh! Hope this helps.

It works with vimeo videos as well.

6 responses to “using VodPod in WordPress

  1. TQ so much for the tips! Very helpful! 😀

  2. Amazing and SO helpful… thanks for the simple language!

  3. I think I might cry – you have helped me SO much! Thank you. I have a massive feature due in on Friday and really wanted to have a slideshow embedded in my post. It is increeedible.
    Thank you. Thank you.
    Take a look if you want – it isn’t uploaded yet, but will be by Friday
    My blog link is
    Thank you so much again!

  4. Awww Ruth. You’re very welcome. I will go check out your place when you show you’re increeedible slideshow. : )

    Vodpod is really cool in it’s ability to use embed code. I was even able to use it on a JibJab flash vid. I just posted it. I didn’t think there was anyway it was gonna show up. I think they take them down after January or February so it might go away after a while.

    Anyway, glad you stopped by and I could help a little.
    Thanks for the kissy x, too. [blush]

  5. I don’t see where it says “paste embed code” anywhere on vodpod. Is it still there? If so where?

  6. Hi Cameron. I’ve been meaning to update this post since I wrote it since (much to my surprise) I get quite a bit of traffic to it from people trying to figure out how to use VodPod.

    They have changed up their stuff at least a couple of times since I wrote this but it looks like the button to click to add your embed code or url is the “Add Video” button at the top right corner.
    This picture might help. It’s the orange button.

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