what if the end was coming in 4 hours

I absolutely love Vimeo these days. On days when I eat lunch at my desk, I’ll look through the site to see if I can find a little gem in there. Found another one.

I stumbled over this movie short about a week ago. It’s interesting and poses the same question as most end-of-the-world films… what would you do? Who would you want to be with? What would you say?… if you knew it was the end.

It’s an interesting take and I find it funny, odd and sad how this couple spends their last remaining hours on earth.

I think it’s also somewhat of a metaphor for life in general. I mean we KNOW the end is coming, we just think we have more than four hours.

What would you do? What are you going to do… with the time you have left?

[Deist whispers] Live. Really live. It is in fact a short time we have on this earth.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Forever’s Not So Long” by Garrett Murray

3 responses to “what if the end was coming in 4 hours

  1. Wonderful…thanks

  2. It’s a great question, and we should ask ourselves every day to check whether what we’re doing is the thing we’d choose to do. (And here I am blogging; not the thing I’d choose to do. But I am about to turn to finishing a painting, which is something I do want to do with my time.) If only four hours, I’d gather my family, perhaps go to my parents’s house because I wouldn’t want them to be scared, and I’d tell them how much I loved them. And we’d pray and eat and laugh and maybe we’d sing a song or tell a few stories. We’d probably panic a few times, but calm each other down. And we’d perish together.

  3. Ack. That was something else.

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