some relaxation for a change

The Deistette has been hounding me for the longest time to go to the arboretum here in town and I finally conceded. She loves doing things like this and I was constantly resisting.

Turns out I should have done this a long time ago. For one, it makes her happy. And secondly, it was pretty nice to just get away from the house and our part of town for a little walk about.

deistette-photo-bug Here are some pics from the hour or so that we spent there.

This is one of Emmie using my camera. Sorry it’s a little dark but I didn’t change the settings on my little point and shoot before taking this one. It’s the first time she’s held a camera that wasn’t a point and shoot in her hands. She doesn’t know much about the basics of photography but she got a couple of pretty cool shots.

Here are two she got that were really nice.

flower-an-cut-pine white-flower

Here’s The Little Man jumping off a fallen log. He was a little quick for me but this is the precise reason I bought a digital point and shoot. I love this pic.

the-little-man-jumpingA couple of some Rough Dogwood blossoms. These turned out surprisingly nice for a point and shoot.


And of course how could I not post the money shot.


[Deistette says, “don’t you dare hit publish. Don’t you dare. Jules. I’m telling you… don’t do…”]


[Deist gets bonked on the head a few times. “ow! (hee hee hee) Hey! quit it. (hee hee hee) what are you doing!” hee hee hee. oh yeah… nice and relaxing]

4 responses to “some relaxation for a change

  1. Love the photos – the top two and the little one jumping off the log, especially. Can’t wait to get out into the green outdoors w/ the camera. 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Looks like a very nice day for a walk in the woods — or arboreteum. And for someone who is UU, I think it qualifies as a walk in church, too. Hopefully, you’ll be a little quicker to go next time. *smile*

  3. Love the jumping photo – it captures so much of, I don’t know, little boyness.

    It’s so nice to visit my old blog buddies and find so many of them happy and in love.

  4. My favorite is the close up of the dogwood. It’s a great mood shot. You should get out more often!

    Like -ette’s t-shirt, btw. 8)

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