The 2009 MS150: i made it unscathed… kind of

So the 2009 MS 150 didn’t go quite as planned.  The weather was so bad here on Friday that organizers called off the first day of the ride.

I gotta admit.  I wasn’t completely heartbroken. I didn’t train like I should have and wasn’t really ready. I don’t think I could have made two days.  Doing just the one 65-mile day on Sunday was hard enough but I made it… fueled by gatorade, bananas, peanut butter crackers and water.

I didn’t have any accidents or even any close calls.  I’m so grateful for that.  I know The Deistette is, too.  She was quite worried.  Mucho thanks to all my friends who sent out positive energy my way keeping me safe.

But like an idiot I didn’t use sunscreen so my ears, lips and back of my legs are burnt.  Yeah… my lips.

Oh… and my butt hurts.


2 responses to “The 2009 MS150: i made it unscathed… kind of

  1. Cool that you did the ride, and I would have been jubilant that the first leg was canceled. Yuk, nothing worse than riding in wind and rain!

    My husband and I did a few rides for different benefits. Once we did a ride from Albuquerque to Taos for the Heart Association. That was hard. And we rode our mountain bikes instead of road bikes, even though it was all on paved roads.

  2. Hey YB… ugh! on a mountain bike! My daughter rode the ride with me a couple of years ago. I was so proud of her for doing it. We didn’t get on the safety vans once. We walked a couple of hills the first day but not the second.

    She was 12 at the time. The first half of the first day she did it on her mountain bike with slicks. But even with the slicks she couldn’t keep up. So we switched. I understood why she was having such a hard time. That bike felt it was stuck to the road like the tires were made of chewed gum.

    Good on ya for doing those rides.

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