That’s more than the number of UU’s

So The Deistette takes the quiz over at and I think, “what the heck… I’ll try it again.”

Hm. Imagine that… 100% UU.

But I was surprised there was no Deist category.

There was no place for us lowly, uncounted, blip of believers who count as our kindred spirits the founding fathers of this great country. (ok, so we count ’em as our own but according to Steven Waldmen, it ain’t true. What the hell does he know, the damn heathen) : )

So in that second link above, what I saw in the title of that article was “12% of Americans [blah blah blah] Deists”

Hooray!!! I’m not alone. Take that suckahs!

Well as I looked into his attribution, the research and the stats, I realized I failed to see that the title of the article actually said, “12% of Americans MAY be Deists”


The stats come from the website The Pew Forum on Religious Life. It’s pretty interesting to take a peek at… well, at least to me it’s interesting.

This is interesting, too. According to this USA Today article many denominations are losing ground.

I would think in tough times people would be looking for solace anywhere they could get it… even in the pews. Apparently I’m wrong.

Although, a few weeks ago President Obama said our country is not specifically a Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc. nation… the fact is, a HUGE majority of people in the U.S. if asked would say they are Christian. My own personal opinion is most people probably mean they are Theists and don’t necessarily believe Jesus is God but a redemptive tool of God.

Anyway, in conversations I’ve had with family, co-workers and acquaintances most, if not all, believe in a God that has a plan for us lowly scabs of humans and believe in a God who can and does make things happen either as reward or punishment.

Doesn’t surprise me a whole lot. I mean we hear it all the time… “everything happens for a reason.” Whether it’s characters on tv shows, movies, books, articles, music or in conversations, we hear that statement implied or verbatim… “everything happens for a reason.” I imagine it’s comforting to believe there is some Grand Designer who intervenes on our behalf and when something shitty or out of control happens it’s nice to be distanced by believing that God’s grand design was at work.

It’s just as comforting for me to think that He/She/It is somewhere just watching… letting me call all the shots, cheering me on, applauding my efforts, getting pissed when I screw up, on the verge of tears when something awful happens to me or being very disappointed when I miss the mark.

It is comforting to me to be a Deist.  It meshes well with my Buddhist tendencies and my yoga-loving, bible-passage-using, season-observing, prayer-bead-wearing, talk-to-God-every-morning spiritual path.

5 responses to “That’s more than the number of UU’s

  1. Like this post. Find it interesting… I used to love those Belief-o-matic quizzes. I think I’ve come up as UU or Neo-pagan most times, even though I am affiliated with none of ’em, and I most certainly am not Christian (not that there’s anything wrong with that – I grew up in a Methodist Church.)

  2. consider yourself tagged. at my place. scroll down – post before/or after depending how you look at it, the backfat one. yes, I said backfat.

  3. hee hee… “not that there’s anything wrong with that” I knew I liked you for some reason Erin. A sense of humor and a UU at heart. : )

    You too, Sherri. I’m sure you’re a UU at heart, too. Not only that… you rock! And yes… I consider myself tagged. I’ll try to finish the questions soon.

    Have a good weekend you two. muah!

  4. I like this post, too, Jules. (It was interesting enough that, when I picked up my beverage to take a sip while reading, I didn’t pay attention and spilled some of my first sampling of this year’s lager down my sweatshirt. 😉

    But (as someone raised UU), I have to ask with mild curiosity if you are biased against pagans. Did you not display the slightest of biases by leaving out the polytheists, or those of us who wonder about the possibility of multiple dieties, when referring to The Divine as He/She/It rather than He/She/It/They?

    Gentle ribbing aside — it’s baseball season, buddy. Even if your ‘Stros are off to a slow start, the finest of athletic art forms has begun again. The ball is in the air, as it should be.

  5. Drat! You raised-a-UU types are always one step ahead of me. Well played Señor Ombudsben… well played.

    I’ll tell you what is not well played is my Astros’ season so far. But like you said, despite that… “the ball is in the air.”

    I hope to take the crew out to the ballpark pretty soon. Nothing like being at the ballpark watching the home team play.

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