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My North Carolina blog peep, Sherri, aka LeClaw, tagged me with a meme about three weeks ago and because I’m so horrible at doing these in a timely fashion it’s taken me this long to answer all the questions. But better late than never I always say.

1. What is your current obsession?
The Office. I’ve been a fan since I first saw an episode last year but recently The Deistette and I signed up for Netflix and I discovered that it has all the seasons in their entirety. I CAN’T STOP WATCHINNNGGGG! Somebody please help me!

2. Who was the last person you hugged?
The Deistette. Every morning before I leave for work.
I try not to squeeze her too hard cuz she’s so tiny I don’t want to break her. You break it you buy it. : )

3. What’s your favorite dinner?
Enchiladas. Cheesy, beefy, fat-ladened enchiladas. It’s kinda hard to screw up enchiladas so pretty much from anywhere… anytime.

4. What was the last movie you saw in the Theatre?
That is hard to say. I honestly can’t remember it’s been so long. I don’t go to the movies that often. Believe it or not, I think it was nine months ago when The Deistette came out for her first visit. It was The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. We watched it at this cool place where you can order dinner and beer!… all from the comfort of your oversized chair while watching the movie.

5. What was the last thing you bought? (to wear)
ok, confession… I buy almost every stitch of clothing I own from thrift stores. One reason: I’m cheap. Two: I feel like I’m helping people in need, if at least a little, by spending my money at thrift shops. And three: It’s kinda like recycling and treading softer on the earth. Four pairs of slacks two dress shirts and a cool green silk shirt to wear for band gigs. $17.48 total.

6. What are you listening to right now?
The Alice Band – Ten Year Night
from my The Weepies Radio Channel
i love Pandora.com

7. What is your favorite weather?
I love the fall. I love when the heat of summer is passing and I can count on the next morning having a bit of a chill and the air is a bit dryer, giving relief from the intense humidity of the gulf coast summers. Basically that three week window in October. : )

8. Say something to the person who tagged you.
Hey Sherri!!!! You rock! You are the sexiest short-haired, ex-bass playin, two-kid momma I know! ok, so you’re the only short-haired, ex-bass player, two-kid mom I know but still… it’s gotta count for somethin’ right? : ) Hugs! Thanks for the tag. I haven’t done a meme in a while.

9. Tea or Coffee? Hm. Hard choice. Tea is better for me and like it when I’m tryin to relax. Coffee in the morning is so better than tea though.

10. What did you want to become as a child?
I wanted to be a rock star. I mean like Geddy Lee or Neil Peart of RUSH…. playin rock n roll but in an intelligent, cerebral sort of way. I even grew a long ponytail in high school just like Neil. I know… dork alert! Anyway… although it’s not how I earn my living, I’m kinda livin’ the dream. I play with some friends in a band and we actually gig around a little. We’re about to release our first CD… hopefully in a few weeks. And we just recently played a small music festival where we friggin’ ROCKED!

NeilPics 025 (2)


11. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
The Deistette and I have an oil on canvass painting of Paris in our living room and the artist used black, white and different shades of gray to create what looks like a black and white photograph. I love that painting. It’s sort of a reminder of a dream we have to one day go there. I would go with Emmie to Paris. I would go with my wife to Paris with a couple of cameras. Plus she knows enough French where I wouldn’t starve for the hour I was there.
paris painting

12. Who do you want to meet in person?
Back in September I wrote about how I sat at the bar of a cool little listening room/pub here in Houston with a guy named Peter Bradley Adams. It was really cool. No pretense. No ego. Just a couple of guys drinking beers and talking about music. I wish I could do that with Dave Matthews

13. What is your most challenging goal right now?
I have a lot of stress going on right now so I’d say juggling all the balls I have in my life… you know, trying to keep them all from falling. It’s hard. (That’s what she said. Ya see! I really need to lay off The Office a little)

14. What is your weirdest obsession?
ok… this I think is a little weird. Don’t judge me just let me know if you find it. I have been for the past year and a half checking all the usual online spots for the perfect porkpie hat. I don’t know why but I want one… really, realllllly bahhhhd.

men-pork-pie-hat porkpie

15. Why did you start a blog?
This is actually my third attempt at blogging. I never quite “got” it before but I guess I started this one because I wanted to get some things off my chest as well as leave something for my daughter so she could know me a little better later down the road.

I have a friend whose father died about five years ago and I always remembered him through the eyes of a child. At the funeral I was amazed how this childhood friend of mine described his father through the eyes of an adult. I guess I hope my daughter thinks of me from a different perspective after reading this blog.

16. What’s your blog about (give me the 2-3 sentence elevator pitch)
Hm… I guess it’s about just everyday things in my life from my UU, Buddhist, Deist perspective. I occasionally sprinkle in a post of what that world view is but mostly it’s just the mundane things that are happening in my life.

17. Which blogs are you obsessed with at the moment?
I haven’t been reading much but lately I’ve been checking the blogs of my friend’s Amuirin and Lazy Buddhist a lot lately. Basically ever since Amuirin chastised me for not reading and leaving comments and because I hope she does another one of her spoken word posts. I absolutely love the sound of her voice… even if it’s sometimes sounds like a dying moose with gunk.

18. What is your dream job? (realistic or unrealistic)
Wow… dream job. Ummm… Man, I don’t know. ok, it would have to be something where I could make people happy, didn’t require a huge amount of effort but made a difference in people’s lives. A byproduct would be profound respect and admiration. Wait… Got it! Dream job right here:
disneyland conductor
Guy who rings the bell, blows the whistle and drives the train at Disneyland.

19. If you could change professions or careers, what would you like to try? (realistically speaking)
When Emmie and I first started talking to each other we discovered something about each other that seemed really odd. She said she would love to own a shop that sold eco friendly products that was also a vegetarian food place.

Well for me, I have a similar dream… to have an acoustic listening room that serves food during the day, is a beer pub at night. I’d love for it to have a host artist receptions, local and regional musicians and believe it or not… a big outside area that would be used for church services on Sundays.

20. Who is your favorite designer at the moment?
I have absolutely no sense of style. When I’m not at work I wear Levi’s, my old Marine Corps combat boots or my 10 year old ropers and t-shirts. See the answer to question #5

21. What’s your favorite brand of jeans? Ok… see the answer to question above.

22. One thing that you would snitch out of some one’s closet, with no regrets?
See the answer to question #14 Especially if it was just the right one that I’m looking for.

23. What designer piece of clothing would you most like to own? (new or vintage)
When I was in college I bought a vintage trench coat in the Montrose area of Houston. At the time it was kinda a weird and ecletic and known for being the gay part of town as well as having all the cool clubs. Actually, I guess it’s still kinda know for that. Anyway, I loved that coat. It fit perfectly and had a cool iridescence to the dark green color. About a month after having it, I rubbed my sleeve against the wall of the house I was sharing which had just been painted. Sucked! I never wore it again but I still have it hoping a miracle spot remover will be invented.

Ok… so now for the perpetuation of the meme.

The Deistette just started a blog of her very own and although it’s not intended to be a personal one as much as it is reporting on all things eco-friendly and arteestic, I will tag her anyway. As well as Erin over at It’s Only a Movie (that’s if you didn’t get tagged by Sherri already… or did you tag Sherri?) and uuMomma whom I feel i have neglected a little.

4 responses to “tagged by The Claw

  1. Yep, Sherri tagged me a while back and I posted my answers. If I could figure out how to do a link in comments, I’d lead you there, but… you’ll have to check for yourself.

    I like your ideas regarding buying used clothing. I like the recycling and frugal part of it. And helping out – Goodwill is a cool organization. I also like buying clothes/shoes on eBay.

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  3. Thanks for finally playing along! I loved reading your answers – number 19 especially. You and Deistette should give that a go one day. What is her blog – would love to read. And your thrift store answer was great – I just shopped their b/c they had cooler clothes, I honestly didn’t think much about all the great reasons you stated. p.s. I have shoulder-length hair – is that considered short these days? thanks for the kind shout out, however.

  4. Hey leClaw…
    Glad you liked my response… really glad. [whew]

    I posted it a little while back and when I didn’t hear even the slightest peep from you I thought, “oh now, my answer to #8 was over the line. I am now officially ‘creepy online guy’.”

    So I now know that your hair is shoulder length after seeing the pics from your camping trip but I guess I’d seen older pics on your blog where it was kind of cut in a pixie-cut. Isn’t that what that hair style is called when it’s real short at the neck… or a boy-cut.

    Anyway, thanks for the response and if I may make an addendum to change “short-haired” to “shoulder-length-haired” for answer #8 : )

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