does God make mistakes

I’ve been reading a new blog lately as she intermittantly posts and one thing she said recently is, “although I am an atheist and fairly ‘out’ about it, I’ve been trying to avoid writing about it too much because I don’t want this to turn into an atheist blog…”

It resonates with me in that although I consider myself a deist, I don’t have the intention of this being a resource for Deism. Although, considering, a HUGE percentage of my small number of hits per day comes from people searching out Deism, maybe I should be a little more blatant about my view of the world from my deist perspective.

So even though I don’t consider this blog a deist resource, I couldn’t help but post this video on people’s different perspective of God.  It comes from Rainn Wilson’s website, SoulPancake. I was surprised by the number of people who said they were atheists.

My answer would be, “No.”

The reason I say no isn’t because I think God is infallible but because I don’t believe God manipulates or intervenes in human affairs. So there are no mistakes to be made. I believe God set down the laws of physics and we are slowly uncovering how the universe works. I think God is standing on the sideline cheering us on watching us hoping we’ll make a touchdown now and again.

That’s just my take. I could be completely wrong.

So here’s a snazzy little chart that shows the answers of the 27 people poled in the video below.

Hey… so what would your answer be and why.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

6 responses to “does God make mistakes

  1. I am so with you on this. Cool post.

  2. Interesting video, and question. As a Universalist (but not a Unitarian—different stuff!) I don’t see separation between “God” and “Self” or “Consciousness”. I also don’t think humans make mistakes; only create learning opportunities; so, therefore, by extension “God” cannot, either. 🙂

    • Niccccce… answer.
      No wonder I like you so much Mused. I really like your answer. It’s kinda like that woman’s answer in the video…. I think she’s at 1:24

  3. God may not make mistakes, but s/he sure experiments a lot!

  4. I don’t know.

    Your view sounds nice Jules, but I don’t like to think of God as being that uninvolved, that detached from the process of life.

    Still, you’ve given it more thought and meditation than I have, so maybe I just don’t know much about it. 😉

  5. Hey uuMomma… nope, I’m not gone. I just pulled myself off the UU aggregator. Hits took a tumble but I kinda wanted to venture into the deep end of the blogosphere, so I took off the floaties. Good to see you here again.

    I know what you mean, Am. The Deistette (i learned sometime after she got here to Houston) is not so much of a deist. She believes God intervenes and when she prays she asks for Him to watch over others. I think most people are like that. And I may have thought about it a little more than some but I think most people like a god that gives them a nudge in the right direction now and again.

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