what kinda place are we running here

I’m taking a quick break from paying unemployment taxes for the clients we serve to tap this out. As I sit here at my desk I hear the cries of a baby…. little Naomi.

Little Naomi is the four month old daughter of one our accounting clerks, (new mommy) Naomi. And little Naomi is not really crying as much as she is just kinda “talking.”

I walked over to Naomi’s desk, grabbed little Naomi’s toe and said, “hey. There’s a little too much talking and not enough working.” Momma Naomi said she thought she was trying to let people know she needs her diaper changed. I let go of her toe and said, “I don’t think she needs to talk to let us know.” Giggles and laughter ensue.


Back at my desk I hear giggles come from behind me. The Little Man is with me at the office as he is everyday. He’s sitting behind me watching an old episode of Care Bears on Netflix. Quietly sitting, and unbelievably well behaved as a five year old can be in the midst of the quiet, staleness of an accounting office.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but I work for my dad. He has a small accounting firm and I am the heir apparent. We have five employees that work for us and my dad has graciously allowed me to bring The Little Man to work so we don’t burn all of The Deistette’s paycheck on daycare.

He did the same thing for momma Naomi.

In two weeks school starts. The Little Man will be in kindergarten and he won’t be here with me like he has been all summer.

I don’t know why I’m writing about this but it there’s a lesson in here somewhere.

3 responses to “what kinda place are we running here

  1. I love this little slice of your life and indeed there is a lesson everywhere. 🙂

  2. Sounds to me like you have irons in numerous fires — don’t you also sell soem photography? I agree that it’s interesting to hear what other people do.

    Mayne the lesson is ‘be nice to the younger generation.’ Because some day they may be the ones capable of tickling your toes.

  3. I think the lesson is that the boss is a smart man who knows both how to retain good talent and to help out fellow human beings during times of need.

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