leaving a legacy

Today I was listening to the news on AM radio hoping to catch what was happening with traffic, see how far back the ‘Stros have slipped from their brush with first place and maybe what’s in store weather wise.

There was a story about former President Clinton and because I caught it in the middle I wasn’t quite sure what it was about… maybe his negotiation in getting those two journalists out of N. Korea?

I don’t know but it ended with them saying although he was able to (for the most part) recover from the Monica Lewinski scandal, it will forever be attached to him. This will be part of his legacy.

Kinda got me to thinkin’.

I’ve done some pretty crappy things in my life. I’ve done some down right shitty, horrible things in my life that I’m pretty ashamed of but I know I have done well also. I have helped shape and change the world for the better, if nothing else at least a little and perhaps to only a handful of people.

I hope my legacy isn’t viewed from the crappy things I’ve done.

That really sucks for President Clinton. He did a lot of good. Too bad all of it will have a rider attached to it.

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