I think Jesus built my UU church

Yep… I said it. I believe with all my heart that Jesus built my UU church. And it’s in this place that Jesus built where I’ve been able to learn about sacrificial love, compassion for all living things and helping those weaker than me.

And a couple of weeks ago I told The Little Man I believed Jesus built our church as we were pulling into the parking lot.

I should back-track a little before going any further in why I think this. I mean it must seem odd for The Deist, especially one of a UU persuasion to be making such statements.

A few weeks ago The Little Man (for new visitors here, The Little Man is my wife’s son… my stepson) and The Deistette were going to check out another church… a Methodist church and so I felt obligated to tell him a little about what he might see there. So Emmie and I naturally began with Jesus. We told him there are some people who believe in a man named Jesus and that they believe he is God.

And he said, “well, what about the real God? Do they believe in God?”

“Well, yes… but they believe Jesus was His son and is God also.”

He couldn’t quite grasp the concept. I have to be honest it perplexes me, too.

So we told him that we believe Jesus was just a man. “A very, very great man who had amazing things to teach people. He was a great teacher but still just a man.”

The conversation lasted to about that point and because he’s five we figured he probably didn’t get what we were saying.

Ok, so fast forward a little back to the point where a couple of weeks ago we’re pulling into the church. I should point out that my church is inside a strip center and in that L-shaped facility there is a karate center, a bar and a TexMex restaurant.

The Little Man: “Julian?”

The Deist: “yes?”

The Little Man: “Why did God build a restaurant next to the church?”

The Deist: “What?”

The Little Man: “Why did God want a restaurant next to the church? Is it in case we get hungry?”

For some reason in his mind the church was there before anything else.

I said, “well, um, hm… I don’t think God put the restaurant there. Ummm, I think it was built by a man.”

So he responds by saying, “oooohhh. you mean, Jesus built the restaurant for us.”

The Deistette and I just kinda look at each other and start laughing and realize that some of the conversations we have with him really are sticking.

So as to why I believe Jesus built my church. The reality of it is, it probably was a man named Jesus (as in Hay-soos) who built the strip center where my church resides. Much of this city was built on the backs of illegals and hispanics who desperately want to work and to do so will work for less than what most people would work for in this country.

I used to work as a freelance photographer for the Houston Chronicle and went on a shoot one time covering the construction of Interstate 10 and all but the foreman were hispanic and none of the brown-skinned guys wanted their picture taken. They later told me they were illegal and worried of having their face shown.

Jesus built a lot of stuff in my city and for cheap. People should give thanks to Jesus.

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2 responses to “I think Jesus built my UU church

  1. Great post!
    Also, I grew up in a Methodist Church. At the time (ahem, 1975), it was a pretty progressive place… but about 10 years later became less so. I don’t know what it’s like now.

  2. What a great story, Jules, and well said. I had wondered about the title of this post! 😉 The little man is wise beyond his years, and many churches and restaurants in my part of the world were also built by Jesús. 🙂

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