in the pulpit

This was supposed to go out last Friday. I got so nervous I forgot to post it. I’ll follow up, coincidentally with the Honest Scrap Award post in response to Lazy Buddhist, who bestowed it upon me.


some truth in all graphicI’m a little nervous about this weekend at church. Nervous because I’ll be giving the sermon. The title of it is: “The semantics of religious language”

The description of it reads like this in our newsletter:

You say tomato, I say tomahto… should we call the whole thing off? Of course not.

Although we may see the same thing, we might call it by different names. For instance, some languages such as Spanish use the word Dios for God, Arabic uses the word Allah for God and others to describe The Divine or Supreme Being might call it by another name.

Unfortunately it isn’t always as easy in one’s own language. It is our abstract concepts of faith and our attempt to attach words to describe them that can often times create tension, misunderstanding and dismissal of growth opportunities.

Join us as we delve into the different aspects of religious speak and how honing our ability to transcribe the faith language of others will help us grow as UUs.

I’ve given a few sermons before at my church so I probably shouldn’t be taking so many roller coaster rides in my belly. Heck I was a disc jock at my little college radio station for a year and called a couple of football games. I was trained to be a public speaker and spokesman when in the Marine Corps. And while on recruiting duty I went on air at least once a quarter talking to the largest listening audience in the Houston area… a million listeners.

But despite all that… I am NERVOUS!

The sermon is a little preachy so I guess… I don’t know… I guess I worry those out in the pews must think, “who the hell are you to be preachin at me?” So for that reason… I am a little nervous.

I tend to put some personal things in the sermons I deliver to illustrate the point in a story fashion. This particular sermon is one where I confess a secret I’ve been keeping for a little more than a year and it’s for that reason… I’m nervous.

Ugh… I better go over it one more time.

[The Deist holds his belly as the roller coaster feeling goes over a high drop again]

4 responses to “in the pulpit

  1. I’m sure you’re going to do just fine. Just be your genuine self – no need to become The Preacher. Say what you gotta say from the heart. That’s what you do here, and you’re much beloved for it.

  2. So, I’m not sure…is it this coming Sunday (the 4th) or last Sunday? I do send the best wishes for your success, or congratulations on your past success if it’s over. Love the part you quoted! It’s so important to remember that, although words are our most splendid vehicle for communication, there are times when they can also get in the way.

  3. Sorry you two for the confusion. My sermon actually happened last weekend, Sept 27th. I had meant to post this the Friday before it happened.

    Thanks for your encouraging words though. I guess the reason I posted this despite it having past was to kind of set up for my next post. Probably not that big of a deal regarding my ‘secret’ considering how some of my friends reacted. Maybe I’m making a bigger deal out of it than it really is. I know… that must be confusing.

    As far as how it went… in one respect it went very well. I delivered my part well. But as for the logistics of the service as a whole… you know, the order of the service. It was a train wreck.

    No harm no foul though.

  4. So what was the secret? I’m curious now…. Was it in the “honesty” post?

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