about name changes

So in my last post I talked about how I changed my name about a year ago from my birth name to, how most of you know me here…. Julian. This post as you can see from the title is an expansion of the topic.

I brought The Little Man with me to work on Monday last week… Columbus Day. He had the day off from school as parents went in for parent-teacher conferences. By the way… he’s doing quite well in his first year of school.

On our drive to work he started talking to me about names. He started off telling me his brother’s last name was McKinley. I said, “no… that’s his third name (The Deistette and her ex gave the boys three names when they were born) his last name is the same as yours, just like your daddy… it’s Durham.”

So as the conversation went on he began asking me about his mom’s name and nicknames I have for her. Then he asked if my daughter had any nicknames. I said, “yes, I call her Little Fawn a lot of times.”

He asked why and all kinds of other questions…

Little Man: “does Papa have a nickname?”
Deist: “i don’t know… um, no.”
Little Man: “what about you?”
Deist: “Well, yeah… I’ve been called all kinds of things.”
Little Man: “like what.”
Deist: “Ummm… it really isn’t important. (my fraternity nickname is probably not one a five year old should hear.)
Little Man: “But what is it?”
Deist: “ok, well you know how my first name is Robert ?… well some people shorten it and call me Rob.” [his expression looks as though he doesn’t believe that really qualifies as a nickname] I continue in an attempt to pull him away from me, “Hey… you know you have a nickname too?”
Little Man: What! (He says that a lot in response to things I say to him. It’s as if what I said is the most shocking thing he’s ever heard. Pretty funny sometimes. For instance… “hey… mommy and I have decided we’re gonna sell you to the gypsies.” WHAT!?!)

Anyway so The Little Man says “what” in his usual shocked way. And I tell him that he’s heard mommy call him his nickname lots of times and that my nickname for him is Little Man.

He sat there silent for a bit… mulling it over a little. He had his thousand-yard stare working then he announced he wanted to change his name.

Deist: “WHAT!?! (i guess it works both ways) What do you want to change it to?”
Little Man: “Mr. Dave.”
Deist: “Mr Dave? Mr Dave Smith?”
Little Man: “No… just Mr Dave.”

I don’t know why he chose Mr. Dave. Somehow, it doesn’t really fit if you ask me. I don’t think Mr.Dave works. Maybe I should come up with a different nickname for him if he’s already decided this early in life that he wants it changed.

Happy Friday everyone!

Here’s a song from a famous Mr. Dave. Hope y’all enjoy.
R.I.P. LeRoi
(sorry for the advertisement at the beginning. I liked the intro though and the song is worth it.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One response to “about name changes

  1. That’s a really cute conversation.

    This is weird but, I kind of hope you *did* change the last names on here- so they aren’t quite accurate. Your readers are probably nice, but after dealing with my share of online psychos, I’d hesitate about publishing real last names on a blog.

    just a thought

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