Santa’s home to be underwater

I listen to AM talk radio every now and then and one thing I’ve noticed about the very conservative hosts is that when it comes to the environment… namely, global warming, they all claim it’s a scam, a fear tactic, and one guy here in Houston who has the afternoon drive time slot on one of the stations calls it, “silly.”

They say Al Gore made his “little movie” touting global warming but didn’t use real science in his claims. They’ll say the weather is cyclical and that a degree or two of variance is ridiculous to get alarmed over.

I don’t know man… I just don’t see how they can say things like that when you see stuff like in the video below. I can’t remember where I heard or saw this… maybe it was Al Gore’s movie, that global warming won’t mean the earth will get hot. Global warming will cause us to get cold.

I guess we’ll know for certain if the North Pole actually disappears during the summer one year, The Great Conveyor Belt just stops and things get a little chilly.

Tell me what you think. I think we’re screwed.

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5 responses to “Santa’s home to be underwater

  1. I was just thinking about this today. I am covering global warming with my 4th and 5th graders. They recently wrote essays on what they think the world might be like in 50 years if nobody does anything about global warming. As I was putting their work up on a bulletin board outside my classroom today, I thought about the conservative folks who might even object that we are teaching about this in school. It’s not like climate change is an opinion! It’s happening. Ack.
    I could go off an a rant, but I try so hard not to blog in your comment area.
    Great video link, Jules.

  2. Hello Julian,

    The “Global Warming Scam” crowd are more than a little aggravating; it’s like they are proud of their own ignorance. We live in strange times when hard facts are decried as fiction and the truth is so twisted that it’s hardly recognizable. It’s dangerous…


  3. Add my voice to the others, Julian. It’s as if a whole segment of our population has suddenly taken pride in discrediting science, including disdaining evolution. (How can anyone even think it a theory? with proof that animals evolve in our time?) I expect them to revert even further and claim the earth is flat, too.

    I agree on the seriousness of climate change, but for me there is no more serious problem that overpopulation. Put another way, I think there is no problem we have that isn’t driven by overpopulation.

    Famine, war, endangered and extinct species, the cultivation and spread of epidemics, on and on. There are too many of us, and climate change is just another bit of evidence.

  4. Oooh, I’m one of the questioners.

    Did you know that there is a petition, signed by over 30,000 scientists who do *not* believe that global warming is all down to mankind?

    Did you know that the world’s foremost expert on polar bears says that their numbers are *increasing*, not decreasing? He has been barred from climate change conferences because he doesn’t agree with the ‘in’ crowd?

    Did you know that the emotive and famous photo of the polar bear alone on an ice drift is a stock photo? The photographer has been quoted as saying that she took it because the ice had been blown into an interesting shape. The polar bear wasn’t in any danger as he was just off land. Not surprisingly she’s a bit miffed at its use in this one context.

    Did you know that in the cretaceous period (dinosaurs), the earth was at its greenest and most lush and CO2 levels were through the roof compared to now? I think I’m right in saying that CO2 levels were up at 1500 parts per million. Today they are at 380 ppm. In fact, in the last 600 million years of the earth’s history, only two periods have seen CO2 levels of less than 400 ppm – one of which is right now.

    Did you know that the Vikings crossed to and settled in Greenland…which was green and welcoming. (And when you think about it, the clue is in the name) 🙂 There is also evidence of ancient human settlement in areas like the high Alps and Norway and we know that when the Romans invaded Britain they were growing grape vines all the way up in the county of Northumberland (where nowadays you probably need your woolly pully, even in Summer)!

    I could go on but I’ve hogged enough space. The point is, I’ve campaigned on environmental issues my whole life, long before it became ‘de rigeur’ to do so and while I’m delighted that we’re all *finally* getting the point that we cannot continue to behave like slobs with this lovely planet, I do question the facts, figures and conclusions regarding mankind being responsible for global warming. I also have to say that I’m a little dubious about a man (Al Gore) who, so I’ve read, has a 30,000 square foot home to live in (!!?) and yet is telling me that I need to ‘rein it in’. Not to worry, to off-set his carbon foot-print he’s bought a load of trees.

  5. In my best Johnny Carson impersation… “I did not know that.” : )

    Hey, thanks for stopping by again Angel. That’s interesting info you gave. You’re obviously more studied on this stuff than I am. I mean I’ll be the last one to claim to be an environmental know-it-all. In fact, I’ll ashamedly admit I know very little.

    But I do know this… we live in a place that is confined… a closed system. I know there is a sphere that surrounds our planet and keeps everything inside.

    There are more people on the planet since… well, since ever! China has tasted the intoxicating and addictive cocktail of fossil fuel consumption and they want more.

    Again… I’m no genius but adding 1.1 billion people into the mix of folks who want to put toxic stuff into the air and the ground I think will have an affect on this closed system.

    I don’t know much about polar bears, Greenland’s history or people living on mountain tops.

    But when I see pictures from space that clearly show the polar ice cap disappearing I can’t help but think that 6.6 billion people occupying space here on this blue marble have something to do with it.

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