unlearned behavior

I remember when Little Fawn (that’s my daughter’s nickname) was a baby she did something similar to what this kid does on this video. This one has been making the rounds on the internet so I’m sure by just seeing the pic you know it’s that little baby that starts dancing to Beyoncé’s video.

She’s not the only baby I’ve seen do this. I remember my ex-wife’s niece did this very same thing when she was just learning to stand. She crawled her way over to the coffee table and stood up to watch whatever music video was playing and began bouncing and moving her legs. I thought it was pretty amazing. I mean no one taught her this. No one showed her to move to music. She just did it.

I’m convinced that it’s something about being human. I think it’s part of what makes us human. When we hear music we move our body… even if it’s just a little tap of the toe, strumming our fingers or bobbing our head.


what this guy and his buddy do at some poor girl’s quinceañera. Be advised do not have coffee or soda in your mouth when you click play. Your monitor will thank you later.

C’mon LB!!!… Feel the music honey! Dance!!
(my friend Lazy Buddhist claims she doesn’t like to dance but I know she’s tapping her toe a little as she watches this video)

2 responses to “unlearned behavior

  1. Yep, I’ve seen the baby. I love it when she or he kicks out that little leg.

    Loved the two guys dancing. What was with the belt? I could use some of those moves. What would you call them…spaz?

  2. No! You can’t make me! You can’t make me dance! The truth of the matter is that that baby has better moves than I do. Nor am I subject to seizures like that poor unfortunate fellow in the 2nd video. 😉

    Nope, you’ll find me at the table, ogling some poor fellow in the band while I bop my head. ‘Cuz there ain’t nothin’ sexier than a guy playing an instrument and if you’re out bopping around on the dance floor, you miss the show on stage.

    And no, I never was a groupie. Why do you ask?

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