new fangled machinery

So a few months ago, The Deistette and I had the AC die at the house. What a nightmare. I don’t know how people lived here in Houston before air conditioning.

Well, we had a guy come out and he said the fan motor was dead. I was really hoping it would be something easy because I barely had the 60 bucks for the service call.

He said he could replace it for 750 bucks. 😐 I felt my butt pucker.

(of course there’s a but)
But… although the fan motor would be new, more than likely as old as the entire unit was (26 years old) it was just a matter of time (a short amount of time) before other stuff on the unit would die. A relay here, a switch there, a thinga-ma-bob here, a whutzit there. He said when stuff started breaking down it would probably cost another good 700 or 800 bucks. Again my butt puckered. Had I been in prison I’d be the belle of the ball!

He said for just a little more money I could get a brand new unit. Well, like I said I barely had the 60 bucks for the service call so I told him I’d have to wait.

My mom got wind of my predicament (thanks to my brother) and so she came to the rescue. She doesn’t really have the money but she said she’d get by.

Mumma is awesome! Thanks be to Mumma!, she who is most awesome!  A pic of Mumma from a post last year.

We got our AC replaced, did a happy dance, sent her thank you card and let her know The Little Man would be happy not have heat rash anymore.

So fast forward to last night.

The service tech from the AC company came by unexpectedly and said he came by to replace a vent on the unit. I asked him about the heater and where the pilot light was on the new unit. We had wanted to turn on the heater once or twice lately but hadn’t been able to.

The nights and mornings have been unusually cool down here on the Gulf Coast Plains for those of us who grew up here and have thinned-out blood. For me 50 degrees was feeling pretty cold.

The guy looked at me like I was some kind of moron and said you don’t have a pilot light. He could see the look of confusion quite easily that I was trying to hide. He said, “well, you see this is a brand new unit. It has electronic ignition that fires up the gas for the heat exchanger.”

I felt like those old timers who say stuff like, “What! Whatdya mean you can put a card in this machine and get money out. It’s called a what?… an ATM?”


“What? Put paper in this machine and it will send a copy all the way across town? What’s this thing called?… a Fax machine?”

Yeah… in my head I was actually thinking, “What the hell are you talking about! It doesn’t have a pilot light?!? Electronic ignition!”

What the hell will they think of next.

[Deist heads out to lunch and thinks to himself, the next thing you know they’ll be talking about cars that run on water or engines that run on perpetual motion and magnets. ]

4 responses to “new fangled machinery

  1. YOU are an excellent writer. I snickered my way through the post, and am pleased for you that you have a new unit, thanks to her awesomeness.
    (of course there’s a but)” —of course there is; yours was puckered!
    Fab story, I feel a bit like that myself. Didja know (you won’t hardly believe this) I have a car that doesn’t even have a carburetor! The car was acting funny, and methought the carburetor might need to be rebuilt…

  2. How did people live in houston before AC?

    Siestas, I say, siestas. You get what you need done closer to dawn and dusk.

    Hey Julian! I just remembered your old blogroll name for me, and realized. Brett Favre has turned me into a Viking fan again! (I haven’t been much into football for a couple decades.) So I’m the Viking fan in … Alameda again. *smile*

  3. Ha, good story! I’ve had my share of AC fixing, and these days I can’t keep up with the new machinery. Guess my stint as an amateur mechanic has ended ;p

  4. Hey Binky! Thanks for stopping by and showin some blog love.

    So how are the Vikes doing this year? I haven’t had a chance to really follow the season. I barely know how my Texans are doing. I did hear they almost pulled an upset over Indie yesterday though.

    Aw shucks Mused. : ). I don’t know if I’m that good of a writer. Amuirin talked me into doin NaNoWriMo this year and I barely have 1000 words of the requesite 50000. The story isn’t coming to me as easy as it did last year either.

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