Semper Fi Marines

Today is the birthday of my beloved Corps. Born in 1775 at a tavern in Philadelphia.

Watching the video brings back so many memories of being in the Marine Corps. Much of what was said in the first three minutes is true of the U.S. Marines. “Marines are different.” “We have an obligation to be the most ready when the country is least ready.” “a special camaraderie to each other.” “honor courage commitment. ” “The mission is everything.”

I am proud to say I am U.S. Marine. I’m proud of my service as a journalist in the U.S. Marines. But I am ashamed at how our state department has used this force that is supposed to be for our country’s defense.

It was said by our previous president that we needed to be in Iraq and Afghanistan for our defense. If there is anything that would have made getting into this war more palatable it would have been to see Pres. Bush personally drive the twins and Dick Cheney take his daughters to see a Marine recruiter. I’d like to see what their reaction would be to this war if they saw their daughters in a helo plummeting to the ground like in this video.

I pray for you brother Marines… stay safe while in harm’s way and may you come home soon all in one piece.

3 responses to “Semper Fi Marines

  1. Great post, Jules. One of my buddies from high school bcame a marine pilot. I’ve always liked Keith, and as time goes by I have more and more respect for him, too.

    If I could travel in time, I’d like to visit that tavern in Philly and see the birth of the corps. Semper Fi, indeed.

  2. Great post, Jules.

  3. Thanks Erin! Sorry I haven’t commented over at your place in a while. I’ve stopped by now and again though and read a little.

    ha ha ha… Ombud, you and me both. Only thing is we’d probably have a few too many ales and woken up the next day on a frigate with a rifle in hand as new Continental Marines!

    Tun Tavern is such an ingrained story in Marine Corps lore that it’s almost a sacred place. Marines can even have it placed on their boot camp graduation ring. I’m afraid it’s probably just that though… folklore, legend. I’d heard that even when I was in the Corps that it probably was just a legend. It was kinda like hearing that Santa isn’t real or something. From this website I found this:
    And, from the book, Marine Corps Book Of Lists,
    Albert A. Nofi, 1999, Combined Publishing
    “…Eight Hoary Old Marine Corps Legends That Are Not True.
    1. The first Marine recruiting station was established in Tun Tavern, in Philadelphia, the proprietor of which was so adept at securing recruits, by liberally plying them with drink, that he was made a captain in the Corps. Alas for
    “romance,” the story is untrue. It probably got its start from the fact that Samuel Nicholas, effectively the first Marine Commandant, actually did own a tavern in Philadelphia, the Conestoga Wagon, which apparently served as his headquarters for a time. However the owner of the Tun Tavern did become a Marine officer, about a year after the creation of the Corps, which probably gave rise to the legend.

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