Feliz Navidad y’all

Merry Christmas from my familia to you and yours.

little sister brought her new boyfriend
he was a mexican
we didn’t know what to think of him
till he sang Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad!!!


One response to “Feliz Navidad y’all

  1. Good link, Jules, I enjoyed it.

    As an aside–I’d muted my computer’s speakers, and the 1st time I tried to listen I couldn’t find the little freakin’ icon to turn the speakers back on. (I keep I off because some web sites blare commercials at you, which is far too jarring.) It had disappeared! (Unlike a bunch of other worthless stuff down there by the time in the lower right corner.)

    So I spent about an hour or so clicking around in “settings” to regain the volume icon and mute button. I re-visited today, and it was nice to be able to hear what I only saw the first time through. Great tune!

    cheers and a belated feliz navidad!

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