Blue moon

I was talking to my mother in-law today and she gave me the scoop on some really interesting piece of jeopardy trivia… also known as useless stoner knowledge.  Not that mommy is a stoner or that she’s useless… well, what I mean is…. you know…. it’s just….

😐 [blink, blink, blink]

Um… I love you mommy of Le Deistette!!!

So we were talking for a bit today and she told me that tonight we’ll have a blue moon.  Ok, so not that big a deal because blue moon’s actually happen rather routinely but what’s pretty cool about tonight’s blue moon is that it’s on New Year’s Eve.  And although there isn’t any kind of omen or old wives’ tale that speaks of good fortune that occurs with a New Year’s Eve blue moon, what’s kinda cool about it is that this one actually happens once in a long while… you know, once in a blue moon.  : )

It only happens once every 19 years.  Cool, huh.  I’m actually surprised that it will happen again so soon.  As she was telling me about the event regarding the satellite that rolls around our blue marble, I figured it would be centuries before it happened again.  But nope… a mere two decades away for another one to come around again.

Happy New Year everyone!

[The Deist takes a swig of brown ale and sings to himself, “may all the quaintence be forgot and never blah blah blaaaah.  May all the blah blah blah something somethin for auld lang syne.]


3 responses to “Blue moon

  1. Happy New Year, Julian!

  2. LOL, wow, you’re on a roll this time, Julian! 🙂

    Wishing you and yours the very best in this New Year!

    One Deist Φ

  3. Good info! When I got up, just before dawn today and got the dogs out for their walk, I could see the full moon out over the bay. Briefly, both sun and moon were visible at the same time. Remember kids’ crayon drawings that have both sun and moon in the sky? I was living it, except for the girl in my kinny-garten class who liked the taste of crayon.

    “Bloo-oo mooooon … “

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