Ben Franklin was right… mmmm beer

So today is my birthday.  Yep, I’m full stride into middle age and I am feeling every bit of it.  I don’t think someone who is 43 should have their joints, back and well, everything ache so much but I do.

Recently The Deistette went on a gluten free diet and she claims that just after three days of being hardcore gluten free she is already feeling a difference.  She had quite a few aches and pains not to mention an upset tummy just about every other day.  And she says being on the diet shouldn’t have an affect this quickly but already she feels tons better.  I’m attempting it myself but I’m having a harder time resisting stuff that has gluten or wheat of some kind in it.

Like later on tonight I’m gonna have one of these which is pretty far off the meter of being gluten free but I love beer, I believe that Ben Franklin was right in saying, “Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy” and i’m gonna have one. 

Ombud!… to the fridge! 

I trust you will hoist a glass of your favorite homemade brew in my honor.  Cheers.

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5 responses to “Ben Franklin was right… mmmm beer

  1. Happy Birthday, Julian!

  2. Happy Birthday, even though I didn’t know it, I was drinking in celebration of your bday last Sat. night!

  3. Happy birthday, Julian!

    Oh, man — if beer has a lot of gluten in it, then I figure gluten must actually be good for you. Like all those people who came out against wine until they figured out its health benefits. It must be something else is causing the aches and pain. Maybe … oxygen? Would the pain stop if we stopped breathing?


  4. Hey Les… Thanks for the birthday wishes. Was it beer you were having. It should be beer if you were drinking in my honor. : )

    Ombud! I like your theory. I worry that if I attempt to test the breathing part of your theory though I may not be able to imbibe the gluten-filled tasty drink of the gods. I think I’ll stick with just drinking beer, assuming gluten IS actually good for us and continue with the breathing. : )

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