another blog friend goes away

I’ve had a few blog friends just up and pull their blog down with no notice in the two and half years that I’ve had mine up.  It’s confusing and the event kinda lends itself to a feeling of loss or abandonment.  I don’t know…. maybe it’s silly to say that but…  Well, I don’t know.

I mean I haven’t met but only one of my blog friends (Kinsi we still need to get that beer next time your in town) in person but in time…

there can be a deep connection established.

I first got introduced to Colbie Caillat through my blog friend Bibliomom when Colbie’s song “Bubbly” was wildly popular and first getting airplay.  Everytime I  hear that song I immediately think of Bibliomom.

B-mom recently took down her blog although I don’t know why.  I’m gonna miss her here in the WordPress world.

This song reminds me of her, too.  I guess because Colbie is singing a little in the video… maybe because of some of the lyrics… maybe because it’s a sad song and I just feel like being sad right now.

Loved reading you and getting to know you, Wendy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

7 responses to “another blog friend goes away

  1. >>>> Web Hug <<<<

    OD Φ

  2. Julian, it is an interesting and somehow bizarre conection that gets established, isn’t it? For it can be so intimate. Bloggers write about their interiors, their internal landscaps with such honesty, sometimes venting about those closest to them, so you know thoughts & feelings their spouses or kids or parents don’t. And yet — you could pass them on the street wthout recognizing them. The remoteness enables a form of intimacy our species hasn’t had before.

    I know what you mean about missing correspondents. Deleting fresh spam on an old post brought me back to a comments section this morning I hadn’t seen for a long time. I clicked on 3 or 4 links to blogs now removed, shut down, error 404. In 1 case, an inviting blog I enjoyed now gone, and its perplexing replacement a shadow of what once was–shrug.

    Yes, sometimes you wonder what happened. Remember Stevo, off in China? He’d spent a lot of time building that complex, diverse sucker! What happened?

    I’m glad you’re hanging in there, day to day, you, you, UU Deist, you!

    Keep the webwords coming, my friend, the next botle of homebrew I crack open will be in your honor.


  3. I actually started dating someone I met through my blog. Imagine how I felt when our relationship went down the toilet after a year… both blogs still up but no interaction. It’s a strange world when reality and technology meet.

  4. Thanks OD.

    It is, isn’t it Ombud… a little bizarre that bloggers can get so intimate. I think you nailed it in your response. And yeah, I do remember Stevo. I didn’t have him blog rolled but did kinda follow him through Amuirin. I didn’t know he had pulled his down. Makes you wonder if he fell victim to Chinese internet police or something.

    Pammy… wow, no kiddin’. I imagine it is pretty strange when your real life and blog life collide. Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George gets upset when “independent George” is in jeopardy of being killed by “relationship George”.

  5. And then there are those of us, your blog buddies, who are just hanging in there – struggling to keep up any kind of output, much less finding time to keep up with reading their old buddies. But, I’m always happy when I find the time to catch up to know that you, Ombud, Amurin, etc are still here. I haven’t had too many just up and leave. I guess I’m fortunate. It would be too upsetting because, as you said, we feel like we know each other for reals, ya know?

    As for the whereabouts of Stevo. He’s still kicking. He took a couple of month break. Here’s his latest post:

  6. Man, I related to your post, and the comments, too. I’ve been away a bit; back now I think, with renewed vigor. But there is a void in my heart where some special bloggers once were. We can’t read notices or even obituaries about them as often we don’t know their real names. But often they know us most intimately.
    I am glad you are here, Jules!

  7. Ben, I was going to also tell you that Stevo is alive and well. Actually, he’s one of my FB friends, so now I have two ways to keep in touch. That’s been an interesting new development–Facebook. To me it’s a sort of deepening of what otherwise might be too precarious a relationship.

    And yeah, I often have wondered, what if someone up and disappears. What if a blogging friend dies (ugh, sorry to be so morose)? Will I find out?

    I really do feel a connection to fellow bloggers, not least of which having to do with the fact that they understand this craziness of posting weekly and nurturing community. I’ve seen some bloggers do a final post before shutting it down. I appreciate that; we can say our goodbyes.

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