Jesus a student of Buddhism in Kasmir India?

Not only do I have my Deist side but I also have a Buddhist side to spirituality.  So to hear that Jesus may have been trained by Buddhist monks makes me all giddy inside.

Have any of you ever heard of this idea… that the missing years of Jesus are attributed to him having gone to India and while there, becoming a student of Buddhism.  It’s an interesting notion.

As this clip from a BBC documentary on the subject says, Jesus espoused ideas that were unheard of in Judaism of his time, yet those ideas had been taught by the Buddha 500 years earlier.

I’ve seen Christian websites saying reincarnation is not biblical.   Not being a scholar on 1st century Jewish thought I don’t know if reincarnation was something even conceived during that time but there are passages that hint that the idea was valid.

Along with that there are apparently other ideas from Buddhism that Jesus was trying to incorporate into his reform of Judaism that hadn’t been a part of it that managed to stick in Christianity.  Take a peek at the video below and see what you think.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

6 responses to “Jesus a student of Buddhism in Kasmir India?

  1. I only watched a minute of the video (too distracted right now to watch it all), but it is so interesting the idea of finding the reincarnated child. In Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda tells a similar story. He has a student who dies and years later he is led to a family expecting a baby and he tells them their baby is his student.

  2. The video wouldn’t load here (I’ll try again later)… Have you read Lamb? (

    It’s a novel, but you might find it interesting. It weaves in this topic…

  3. Hey Leslee… the process by which Lama’s seek out a reincarnated master or guru. Being from the West, i think it makes it difficult for me to believe they can find the right child out of so many millions that are born each year. I guess that’s what faith is though, huh.

    Erin, you know… I have actually had that book for about three years! I got through about 10 pages before something else in life distracted me and I never picked it back up. Three friends have mentioned this book to me in the past week, including you. Maybe I should try starting again. : )

  4. Like to call myself a Zen Christian. Now I have a little more info to provide people who ask what I the term actully means.


    michael j
    conshohocken, PA USA

  5. Interesting! It would be surprising that no indication of this showed up in the gospels, except perhaps the story of the Magi from the East – NT scholars think this was a literary device to get Jesus born in Bethlehem, but I guess it had to come from somewhere. The similarity between the teachings are quite striking.

  6. Hi Michael and WWR thanks for stopping by.
    Nice to have new folks comin’ by and saying hi.

    the vid is pretty interesting, huh.

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