beer and medicine…

I was talking to my dad today about his self imposed dieting. Well it isn’t really self-imposed. The doc told him he had to exercise, lose weight as well as cut down on sugar, starches and…


Beer [GASP!]

I told him I haven’t had any beer in at least three weeks maybe closer to a month because I’ve been sick. I was sick with some sort of throat/sinus infection for two weeks, that I put off as a cold until I conceded that I needed to go to the doc and for a little more than a week I was on antibiotics.

So I began telling him how one time when I was in my early 20s I had a beer when I was on amoxycillan or pennicilan or some-kinda-cillan and what happened to me.

My brother and I some how conned his then girlfriend to take us to some club. Why she didn’t stay I don’t remember but I took about two swallows from a longneck and in five minutes I was in the bathroom heaving my guts up. Now I don’t know if it was the medicine, if I ate something bad or if someone slipped me a roofie but I was hatin’ life.

My brother came in after a few minutes looking for me and said “are you ok?”

“What do yoooooooo thiiii[blecchhh]innnk.”

I over heard a guy as he was leaving say, “yep. I remember when I had my first beer.”

ahhh memories.

2 responses to “beer and medicine…

  1. Ha! Yeah, the two don’t mix, I hear. Speaking of beer and heaving, I was on a plane leaving Frankfurt for Denver. The airport gates for Lufthansa in Frankfurt have “snack bars,” which seem mostly designed to serve huge mugs of beer to passengers waiting to board. Apparently one passenger, a young man, had too much to drink, and as we were taxing to the tarmac, he lost his cookies. Well, we taxied right on back to the gate, and they kicked his sick ass out of the plane. Good for them, I thought. I would have hated to be seated next to him for 10 hours.

  2. blech!

    That reminds me of time when I was in the Marine Corps and we were conducting some training where part of it had us taking a helicopter ride. The twin-prop helo started doing some evasive maneuvers and we were watching the horizon tilt left to right and back. We could see out the back end cuz you can see out the back end. Like in this picture. Well a big guy sitting next to me lost his lunch right inside his helmet. I was so pissed off!

    Unfortunately I HAD to sit next to him the rest of the flight. Luckily it was only for about 30 minutes.

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