It’s been a long time since we danced

As a matter of fact, seven years.   My old school’s basketball team (Go Bearkats!) is going to the Big Dance also known as March Madness for only the second time in its history.

My little college has had decent teams in football, baseball and basketball throughout the years but it’s a Division I-AA school so has never received the notoriety or glamor that I-A schools like your Notre Dame’s, USC’s, Florida’s, etc. in the world of collegiate sports generate.  Hey, that’s ok. It is what it is.

But wandering through the official website of the school and taking a quick peek at the Go Bearkats website has me completely nostalgic, very impressed with what’s been happening at my old school academically and quite proud of the accomplishment the young men of its basketball team have made just getting into The Bracket.

But something that is really surprising to me about the first round match-up is my Bearkats may actually have a dog in this fight according to an article at The Online Wire, a sports gambling website. Another betting and gambling website predicts they’ll lose by 12.5 points (which I’m sure is realistic) but the article by TOW’s Jake Thomspon  puts my little school in a favorable light and he actually thinks they could go on to the next round.

Here’s how Jake starts the article.

One of the biggest 1st round upsets in the 2010 NCAA tournament might come when Sam Houston State meets up with Baylor.

Sam Houston State actually holds a win in the only head-to-head meeting with Baylor, and the Bearkats’ 81-64 victory back in 1999 might be a precursor for what is going to happen in this 1st round 2010 NCAA tournament game.  Both teams in the Baylor vs Sam Houston State game play the same style, and this potential bracket buster could very well come down to whoever has the hot hand entering the final minutes.

And this is how he ends it:

I think the Sam Houston State Bearkats can keep this game close thanks to their ability to limit turnovers and get solid play from their bench in this frenetic pace.  Baylor is an excellent team, but I just don’t think this 1st round NCAA tournament game is suited to their abilities.

That is pretty cool.

Gentlemen of this year’s Bearkats team… I shall see you at the dance and look forward to hearing this song.

[The Deist grabs his air trumpet and prepares to get down]

UPDATE: A slow day at work allowed me keep one eye on the game today as it streamed on CBS sports.  The Bearkats put up a good fight swapping the lead about a dozen times.  In the final two minutes though SHSU saw Baylor put up 8 unanswered points.  The 68-59 win by the Bears doesn’t show how close this game really was.  The Bearkats  are goin’ home.  : (

3 responses to “It’s been a long time since we danced

  1. I’ll keep an eye on your Bearkats as I check out the results, Julian. Good luck!

    Also, ski u mah!

  2. Ski U Mah! that’s pretty cool.

    The Bearkat thing… yeah, it’s been a question almost every student who goes there asks at one time or another. Supposedly there was a revival to change the name to the Raven’s (Gen Sam Houston’s Indian name) when I was there but that may have been something that every class likes to claim.

    Here’s a wiki article on the subject as well.

    I’m gonna try and watch the game online today if I can get away with it. I believe tip off is gonna be about 3:00 pm depending on when the game before the SHSU/ Baylor game ends.

  3. Boooo. Bearkats lose what was really a very close game. The final doesn’t convey what the game was like.

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